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Position: Writer, retired
Joined the Feather: 2010

My love, my life and my passion will always be math and science. While most high school students hate numbers and calculations, I find them fascinating. I am the one student that is willing to do hours of math homework, and sometimes extra work, because I find it fun. It might seem sad that some would be that devoted to math and science as I am, but I think that those people are missing out on a vast world of excitement and knowledge.

The other part of my life is devoted to acting. I have "been bitten by the acting bug." I participated in the school play during 7th grade and have not been able to keep myself from the stage ever since. I have played such diverse characters as an elderly man to a concerned father. It allows me to step outside of my own shoes and experience other people's lives.

As college application season comes around, I am still trying to discover where exactly I want to go. I know that I want to major in math (or possibly physics), but exactly where I want to go is a mystery. My plan, as of right now, is to attend a public university that would give me the tools to advance my knowledge of math and science.

I am now entering my first, and sadly my last, year in publications. I decided to be apart of this class because I have seen how this class has impacted other students and wanted to see how this class could impact me. I want to grow as a writer and I know that this class will give me tools that I can use for the rest of my life.

I enjoy reading, watching movies, participating in Academic Decathlon, and hanging out with my friends.

Though my high school experience is almost over, I know I will take everything I have learned with me through college and the rest of my life. It has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

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