BRIEF: Esterlyn and A Current Affair to play FC show

For one night, bands Esterlyn and A Current Affair will perform a worship concert in Ground Zero at 6 p.m.
March 5, 2012

Both Esterlyn and A Current Affair will be putting on a worship concert at Peoples Church campus in the Ground Zero, March 5. Entrance is free and the performance begins at 6 p.m.

A Current Affair will be opening the night. Two of the songs they will be performing are "Under My Skin" and "The Thief." Also performing with this group is alumnus Tyler Duerr, '10, who is featured as the lead guitarist.

"We got asked to play, but we're playing tonight because it's always fun," Duerr said. "Peoples and FCS have always been good to us, so it's always good coming back."

Esterlyn will then be performing for the rest of the night. Along with many other songs, their current single "Freedom is Here," which was rated one of the top ten songs of 2011 on Air1 Radio, will be played.

The concert will go on until about 8 p.m. Duerr hopes it leaves an impact on the audience.

"I'm hoping that people will just have a good time," Duerr said, "that they'll walk away with a new ambition for music because I always hope that I'll inspire people."

For more information about the concert, check back later for the review of the event. For more news, read the March 1 article, BREAKING: CSPA presents Feather with 4th Crown nod.

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