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Student leadership is taking a more active role in promoting student involvement throughout this school year. Please return to read about how FC students are actively learning, serving and promoting teen events on and off campus in this weekly article series.

The 32nd annual FCS Auction is upon us. Student leaders will help serve, the choral and drama programs will be a part of the program and countless others will help in support roles throughout the evening. The event is sold out and administration is confident the school community will gather for Superintendent Jeremy Brown’s first auction, hoping to raise over $100,000.

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The 32nd annual FCS Auction is meant to bring the Eagle school community together in hopes of raising over $100,000, March 14.

The night of the auction will be full of exciting bidding and silent auction prizes. While the leadership students walk around the will be selling raffle tickets for the big auction prize.

Career Fair is on March 11, after lunch, the bell schedule will be on half day. All seniors are not allowed to go off campus for lunch due to the event.

After lunch all students are required to gather in the FC gym to be introduced to the career fair guests. This event will continue on until the end of the school day.

Night of the Stars (NOTS) will be held at Wolf Lakes at 5:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. Students can purchase NOTS tickets in the office with Vickey Belmont or at the ticket table at lunch. The first deadline for tickets will be this Friday, March 13.

The seating arrangement has been changed to seniors closest to the stage, the other table seatings will be first come first served. Although, if seniors do not have tickets purchased by the first deadline, they will be put in to first come first serve seating.

Table seats will no longer will reserved for any student past the first deadline. If tickets for reserved seats are not purchased the seat will be filled by a purchased ticket.

Ticket prices are at regular price which is $60, past the first deadline, the ticket prices will stay the same.

All students are encouraged to attend the event, whether it is with a date or a group of friends. The purpose of the event is to get the whole student body involved and to go out and have a fun time.

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