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Student leadership is taking a more active role in promoting student involvement throughout this school year. Please return to read about how FC students are actively learning, serving and promoting teen events on and off campus in this weekly article series.

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After alumna Emily Krieghoff, ’09, was injured in an auto accident, student leadership is organizing a blood drive, March 20.

Night of the Stars (NOTS) is in two weeks, March 28, tickets are still on sale and will be sold up to the day of the event. Get your NOTS tickets soon to get a good table seat while you can!

Moving onto the next event put on by student leadership: Sadies. The event will be held on April 25 and the location is yet to be announced. The annual event is only three weeks after NOTS, so it is recommended that girls begin asking their dates out soon.

Student leadership has began talking about Sadies in class and is working on making event decisions. Although making big decisions for the event can be a stressful task, the students continue to keep the wants and needs of the entire student body in mind.

In planning activities, the goal of leadership is to include everyone in the school and consider everyone’s opinion. Even though not everyone will like the class decision, leadership still puts a lot of extra time and effort into the considerations of others.

On Friday, March 20, The California Blood Bank will be coming to FC from 1p.m. to 5 p.m. to get blood donations for Emily Krieghoff, ’09, a former FC student who was critically hurt in a car accident. Come out and show your support for the Emily Krieghoff blood drive, March 20.

Students who are 16 years of age must have parents’ permission to donate blood. However, students older than 16 years are able to come donate without parental permission. All students, regardless of age, must sign a waiver.

At the end of May, student leadership will be having ASB elections. Any student in the student body is able to run for an ASB position. It is not a requirement that students are members of leadership the year before running. Start thinking about running and your own personal goals for the school.

Look at future leadership articles to see what the ASB positions will do and require.

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