Acceptance, responsibility top freshmen expectations

Acceptance, responsibility top freshmen expectations

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While beginning high school can be daunting, Freshmen discuss their hopes for the school year.

Starting high school can be a daunting experience for the incoming freshmen. Yet many ninth grade students have high freshmen expectations.

Ronnie Peterson has been at FC for the past five years. Peterson is looking forward to starting high school. He hopes to make the varsity baseball team as a freshman.

“I am not really nervous about starting high school,” Peterson said. “I am glad that my teachers don’t hound me about things I have to do. I believe that the class of 2019 has the ability to make you smile.   I want this class to be the best senior class to ever graduate when we graduate in 2019.”

Active at the campus’s music department, Alina Ochoa is very nervous along with her friends about going into high school despite attending FCS since fifth grade. However, she has set a goal of getting accepted into choral ensemble and hopes that campus activities will help her ease into high school.

“I am looking forward to fun trips and bonding with my fellow classmates,” Ochoa said. “I would like to see the freshmen class get first place in the float competition during homecoming. I have liked it that the teachers help us when we don’t understand things and I appreciate my new teachers. However, I am not looking forward to the extra homework and tests that high school brings upon you.”

Joshua Savage is a returning student to FCS for his freshman year. He has been a FCs lifer and student since Kindergarten. He does not plan to participate in any sports this year, but he is looking forward to homecoming and building the freshman float. He hopes the other freshmen will rise to the occasion and participate in this event.

“I love how all the teachers care about the students, and want us to excel and succeed at whatever we’re doing in life.” Savage said. “Something that makes our class unique is the fact that we are outgoing. For example, at the first football game of 2015, in the student section of the stands, most of the students there were freshmen.”

I like that my teachers don’t assign too much homework, and the block schedule is only two days a week. I am looking forward to high school events, like football games, NOTS, Sadies, beach trips and rallies. I am especially looking forward to the rallies. I also plan on playing volleyball and soccer. — Sophia Kalugin, ’19

Volleyball and soccer participation is what freshman Sophia Kalugin is excited about as she begins her sixth year on campus. And despite just starting high school, she is ready for the challenge.

“I like that my teachers don’t assign too much homework, and the block schedule is only two days a week,” Kalugin said. “I am looking forward to high school events, like football games, NOTS, Sadies, beach trips and rallies. I am especially looking forward to the rallies. I also plan on playing volleyball and soccer.”

Teachers are also looking forward to the new challenges and students. Kyle Dodson is a high school teacher that teaches 9th grade English. He is looking forward to the upcoming college football season and enjoys watching and coaching theater and drama class.

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Many teachers believe that the FC freshman class boasts energy, stamina, and a strong sense of faith.

“One of the things I like most about this freshmen class of 2019 is there is not a lot of hesitation in the students,” Dodson said. “They are willing to jump in at a moments notice, and they aren’t necessarily afraid of making errors. I see a strong Christian morality within this class, and I believe this talent will make them strong leaders once they become juniors and seniors.”

Dodson also is an advisory teacher and plans on encouraging student leadership and responsibility for both new and returning students.

“Communication is big for a unified student body,” Dodson said. “Being able to use advisory time every Monday is crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to events.”

The freshmen this year all have high hopes and expectations of what they should be able to accomplish before they graduate and will have high hopes for the years to come and their future experiences.

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