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Kristina Breshears integrates in new community

Among the many new additions to the FC staff, Kristina Breshears is taking on new responsibilities as a math teacher. She returned to teaching after a few years living as a stay-at-home mom taking care of her three kids. Breshears previously worked at Central High School and West Middle School for a total of eight years.

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Kristina Breshears join the FC community as a new math teacher.

Growing up in Carlsbad, California, near San Diego, Breshears embraced the cool weather and sugar sand beaches, which remain to be her favorite parts of her childhood home. She spent her summers with her friends and making lifelong memories. During the summer before her senior year of high school, Breshears and her friends had a goal they wanted to see through.

“One summer, my friends and I agreed to have our feet on the sand at the beach for every sunset,” Breshears said. “Sometimes we would have to run to make it there just as the sun was dropping down below the ocean. It was a wonderful experience.”

It was during junior high that Breshears found her love for mathematics. While attending Concordia University in Irvine, she found her mentor and professor Dr. Bret Taylor. Taylor aided Breshears in her early career as a teacher, such as helping Breshears study for big tests at his own home.

Breshears enjoys the smallness of FC along with the students’ desires to learn.

“I like Fresno Christian because the kids want to learn,” said Breshears. “I like the smallness of the school. I previously worked at Central High where there are some interesting characters.”

With the need for a part-time teacher, Principal Amy Deffenbacher saw that Breshears would be a good fit for FC.

“We had a need for a part-time math teacher,” said Deffenbacher. “She is a highly recommended math teacher. She is the first teacher to implement Math 1 here at FC. I am looking forward to seeing what she does with it.”

Mrs. Breshears is a great teacher. She is really nice, and it’s easy to get a good grade in her class if you study. She has different ways to keep us on task, and she has fun pages with games to help us learn. — Hannah Nale, ’17

Along with her teaching style, Anjeli Macaranas, ’20, enjoys Breshears’ interaction with the class.

“She’s really nice and makes learning math fun,” said Macaranas. “She has us play math games so that we can really understand the concept we are studying. It helps me visualize it.”

Janae Shew, ’20, admires Breshears’ desire for her students to succeed.

“She’s a really good teacher because if we don’t understand something, she really makes sure we get it,” said Shew. “She really wants the best for us, and wants us to succeed.”

Getting a good grade is important to Hannah Nale, ’17, and Breshears has multiple ways of helping her do so.

20151108-fc-kristina-breshers-001Michael Fu

Breshears works to be an effective teacher and maintain a good relationship with students through kindness.

“Mrs. Breshears is a great teacher,” said Nale. “She is really nice, and it’s easy to get a good grade in her class if you study. She has different ways to keep us on task, and she has fun pages with games to help us learn.”

For her first year teaching at FC, Suky Cheema, ’19, believes Breshears is adapting well.

“She’s an amazing teacher. I think for her first year, she’s adapting very well,” Cheema said. “She is able to communicate to the whole class. She gives a lot of great examples about what we learn every single day and I think that helps the students understand more.”

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