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Junior Jeremiah Sieperda was chosen by math and science teacher, Scott Bucher, as featured student due to his kind attitude and willingness to learn.

Junior pursues interest in diverse extracurricular activities

Every month The Feather highlights one individual from the student body who demonstrates exemplary character and or admirable dedication to classes or extracurricular activities. Teachers choose those who display the before mentioned characteristics in the classroom setting. The objective of the following article is to honor the effort of students to live by Caleb Code Standards: Seek Truth, Speak Life, Serve Others.

November’s featured student is Jeremiah Sieperda, ’17, nominated by mathematics and science teacher Scott Bucher. Bucher says Sieperda displays both an impressive knowledge of the subject matter and a willingness to help others.

“Jeremiah is a very hard worker,” Bucher said. “He seems to understand the subject and he is helpful to other students. To me he just seems like an overall good student, especially in chemistry. This is the main reason I choose him.”

Sieperda moved to California from Oregon this year after his father acquired a job in the area. He describes weather as the main difference between Fresno and Philomath (the town in which he originally lived).  He says he appreciates the small environment of FC as well as the overall atmosphere and staff.

“I like the size of Fresno Christian, as well as the size of Fresno itself with all the things it has,” Sieperda said. “I like the classes and teachers at Fresno Christian as well.  I also like the warm weather of Fresno. The big difference between Oregon and Fresno is the weather mostly. Oregon is really green with all the trees.”

I would describe him (Sieperda) as a kind and caring person who is fun to be around. He’s also a very good study partner. He is a good friend because he genuinely cares about people and he never says anything negative about anyone. He’s just encouraging. –Josiah Weimer

In the seventh grade Sieperda became involved with Drama at his school. Since then he took part in the theatrical productions of the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Disney’s Little Mermaid and Mulan. Sieperda says Drama provides an outlet of expression and plays into his natural talent for communication through the form of public speech.

“I enjoy speaking in front of people,’ Sieperda said. “The first time I did it I just really enjoyed the community of it all. I just really have a good time doing it.”

About two years ago Sieperda, his father and his grandfather became involved in archery. The trio often go shooting at the target range or on occasion hunting for white tailed deer. When in Oregon, the young archer joined a club by the name of the Benton Bowmen and began to compete in tournaments with the organization.  He won first place in several competitions for his age group.  Sieperda says this hobby springs from shared familial interest and a motivation to increase in skill.

“I like archery because my family does it,” Sieperda said. “We all get together and go shoot.  I also like the challenge of it and how I can keep improving.”

In addition to drama and archery, Sieperda enjoys cross country running. He became involved with the sport back in Oregon as well as Jazz Band and choir.  Sieperda pays trombone, baritone and tuba.

Sieperda enjoys science and math as well. This year he enrolled in Algebra II honors and Chemistry. In the future Sieperda plans to become an engineer of some kind. He says this profession suits his natural curiosity and interest in prior math and science classes.

“I enjoy doing math and I’ve had fun with that,” Sieperda said “I’ve taken a couple of graphing classes and I’ve really enjoyed them. I like to just sort of make stuff and taking that to the next level would be really fun. ”

Mother Karen Sieperda, expresses gratitude and pride in the dedication of her son. She says the family’s personal goals for him include further education and the continuation of a committed mentality.

“We always encourage him to achieve all that he can,” Sieperda said. “We are ever amazed how well he does in all of his studies especially math and sciences although he excels in all of his classes. Do I sound like a proud mom? Well I am. His future is bright and his to choose.”

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Academically, Sieperda excels in math and science courses.

Friend, Josiah Weimer,’16, says Sieperda shows a genuine character and consistent concern for the wellness of others.

“I would describe him (Sieperda) as a kind and caring person who is fun to be around,” Weimer said. “He’s also a very good study partner. He is a good friend because he genuinely cares about people and he never says anything negative about anyone. He’s just encouraging.”

Fun facts about Jeremiah Sieperda

  • Jeremiah’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is when all of his family gets together as well as eating the food.
  • For Halloween Jeremiah’s little cousins wanted him to dress up as Fear from Inside Out but he was a pirate instead.
  • Jeremiah has a cat named Chloe.
  • He has an older sister named Jessica.
  • He has a perfect attendance record.
  • If Jeremiah was any animal he would be a rhinoceros although he doesn’t quite know why.
  • If Jeremiah could have any superpower it would be flying so he could get to places faster.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • Sieperda loves card and board games.
  • His all time favorite movies are the Star Wars Trilogy
  • His favorite books are the Hardy Boys or Of Mice and Men.

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