Civil War Revisited educates, immerses

Civil War Revisited educates, immerses

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The Civil War Reenactment took place in Kearney Park.

I stood on the lawn of  historic Kearney Park, as a column of gray soldiers marched to the beat of a drum. On the field, the soldiers marched into position. Skirmishers fighting at the front pulled back as canons fired, belching smoke and fire. The battle had begun.

The Civil War Revisited was held Oct. 24-25; this is the biggest event of its kind west of the Mississippi. Besides the obvious attraction of the battle, an actor portraying Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. There were also many displays ranging from Civil War era weapons to ambulances from the time period.

The actors showed great dedication to their part, and played their characters well. They memorized the past of their characters, and some even traveled great distances, like one Confederate soldier (name withheld).

“Well this is my 20th year and I’m originally from the south and I had ancestors who fought in the Civil War, so I’m here to represent them,” the soldier said. “I love the camaraderie. You meet people from all over the country actually I came up from Texas. I’ve been coming for a number of years, you get to travel a lot you get to see a some of the great battlefields and meet a lot of interesting folks.”  

As I walked around Kearney Park I met a Union Lieutenant Colonel (name withheld) who spoke of his experience in the reenactment and what it would be like to be an officer in that time. 

“Well the best part of the reenactment for me is exactly what we’re doing right now, seeing people like yourself be interested in it and take something from it,” the Colonel said. “In the real army, yes, I would have been afforded more things than an enlisted man. I would have had more goods. I also would get a higher salary, therefore I could buy myself things and have them brought along with me; things that the enlisted man wouldn’t have.”  

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The Civil War Reenactment portrays many of the historical battles that took place.

The event returns yearly in hopes of educating attendees on the history of the United States, portraying the realities of the Civil War for the public to come investigate and go deeper in their understanding of the historical event.

Besides the actors, the event featured many other attractions like field hospitals, with actors who displayed medical practices from the time; or gun displays which contained real Civil War firearms. Overall, I feel that the Civil War reenactment did a great job of creating a historical atmosphere and presenting an accurate representation of the time and I would highly suggest that you would go.        


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