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Fresno Christian graduate Brady Lee performs magic trick with helper Carston Saelzler, ’21, Jan. 19.

Since Tuesday chapel has changed from worship to speaker, Fresno Christian graduate Brady Lee arrived to wow the audience with a magic trick and a gospel message. Lee was a basketball, tennis player and an editor on The Feather. After graduating FCS in 2012 he attended Biola University. He is currently a senior there majoring in Christian Ministries.

Lee has taken an interest in mission trips and has recently gone to India the last two winter breaks. He has also taken a challenge where he meets someone new everyday. He started this challenge in the summer. Lee still participates in intramural basketball at Biola.

What really inspired Lee to speak about the gospel message to people was the grace that God had given him and everyone else. He was excited to speak to the students because he wanted to share with them how much God loves them and cares about them.

“I felt like they just need to know that they’re loved and that God doesn’t love some future version of them,” Lee said. “He loves them right now so they don’t have to perform to earn his favor and his love. It’s basically the gospel message.”

The message Lee spoke in chapel was about Isaiah. The young king Uzziah of Judea always followed in God’s vision, but later on he became prideful and disobeyed God. He burned incense on the alter of incense, which was only allowed for the priests.

Uzziah’s disobedience led to leprosy broken out on his forehead. He was exiled from Judea, and contained the disease until his death. That’s where Isaiah comes along. Some people think he was a cousin of Uzziah’s, but no one knows for sure.

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FC alumnus, Brady lee, spoke during chapel about the story of Isaiah.

One of the things Lee emphasized in his message was when Isaiah sees God in a dream. Lee speaks three phrases: “Oh wow!”, “Oh no!” and Oh yes!”. “Oh wow!” stands for when Isaiah sees God in all of his glory and splendor. “Oh no!” stands for when Isaiah realizes he is in the presence of God and states that he has unclean lips. But then a seraphim places a hot coal on his lips, saying that his guilt is taken away, giving us the “Oh yes!”

The gospel message has had a very big impact on Lee’s life. He was a smart kid and went to church everyday, but he didn’t know his need for grace until later on when he started to sin more. As soon as God showed him the way, he was excited to show others as well. One of Lee’s taglines encourages students to set aside personal pride for greater fulfillment: “God loves you, let Him.”

God would just reach out to me in his grace and just love me so much,” Lee said. “I just got so excited because that’s the gospel message and so I just want to share more with anyone I can. I feel like even though we’re already saved we’re Christians we need to remind ourselves of the gospel message everyday.”

In the fall Lee is going to attend the Talbot School of Theology, which is on Biola’s campus. In the future he would like to become a pastor, whether it be in the states or overseas. Lee is excited to teach God’s word, council and shepherd people.

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