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Trevor Trevino, ’17, found his passion for drumming as hobby at the age of seven.

Drummer balances music, sports, and school

Throughout a person’s life there are certain hobbies that attract their interests. Whether it be music, athletics or academics, people always find a way to occupy their time. Trevor Trevino has latched on to the hobby of playing the drums and finds passion in the craft. 

While at first being introduced to drumming by his parents, overtime has lead Trevino with a growing passion to learn and continue to achieve more skills. For the countless years that Trevino practiced has given him opportunities to play at school and with his church. 

From the age of seven, Trevor’s parents suggested that he try out a musical hobby. Since then he has participated in private drum lessons. Just like any other new found hobby, hours of continuous practice is needed. Although it may seem challenging to balance sports, school and music, Trevor was up for it all.  For nine consecutive years Trevino has dedicated his time to drumming. 

For anyone trying a hobby for the first time knows that practice makes perfect. When practicing, Trevino stresses that muscle memory is important in order for any drummer to advance. Strong hands and feet need to be consistent with each other while reading sheet music at the same time.

While others may consider performing in front of crowds to be nerve-racking, Trevor perceives it as a learning experience.

“I do like performing because it gives me the opportunity to be critiqued by others,” Trevino said. “Playing for 9 years has given me experience. Having time to learn different styles of drumming and practicing them has its benefits. Attending lessons and practicing what I learned helps me be creative with my drumming.”

trevortKylie Bell

Trevor Trevino, ’17, plays drums for the worship team during chapels.

By trying out for worship team, Trevor has excelled to a higher performance level. His involvement with the worship team has connected him with the student body and God. While it may seem to be as just a Bible class, Trevino enjoys it as a passion and not as a job.

Professional drummer Tony Royster Jr. stands as one of Trevor’s favorite drummers and musicians.

“My favorite drummer is Tony Royster Jr.,” Trevino said. “I like him because he is one of the fastest drummers in the world. He expresses his style in a way that shows others he enjoys drumming.”

Aside from playing drums, Trevor wanted to broaden his musical talents by learning to play the bass guitar and trumpet. By experimenting with different sounds he was able to broaden and be creative with his music.

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