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Freshman pursues swim and volleyball alongside school

Freshman Kamryn Schultz stands out on the FC campus, always offering her best effort in many fields.

Kamryn Schultz is regarded by many as a well-rounded student as well as a talented athlete. She has taken up writing in journalism in order to improve her skills and become the best she can be. Kamryn’s mantra is practice, and she shows this throughout the extracurricular activities she participates in.

Schultz partakes in Junior Olympic swimming and volleyball during its season, but she did not become skilled in these sports by just showing up to practice and doing the bare minimum.

“The first thing that it takes to be a great athlete and great student is to believe in yourself because if you don’t believe in yourself, you are not going to get anywhere.” Schultz said. “Also for sports you need to train, I train six days a week for two and a half hours a day.”

Recently, Schultz participated in the Junior Olympics and merited nine medals for her performance.

“For Junior Olympics, which was this weekend, I won nine medals; four of them were silver, one of them was gold, those are for relays,” Schultz said. “Then I won three eight places, one fifth, for just individual swimming.”

Schultz’s swimming coach, Mark Bennett, plays a major role in Kamryn’s athletic drive and confidence in the pool.

“My coach wants me to be all of these things so I can be the best I can be in my swimming career. My coach, Mark Bennett, wants what’s best for my success. He has trained me and my teammates to be confident in ourselves and supportive of others,” Schultz said. “My coach always tells me that swimming is 90% physical and 10% mental.”

Schultz constantly strives to be persistent, hard-working, dedicated, focused, strong, determined and confident in her pursuits. Schultz is always looking for ways to improve herself, regardless of how successful she becomes. She feels as if her physical health is strong her mental health should be on par, or even stronger.

IMG_9587 | The Feather Online

Schultz soars in the fields of volleyball and swim, holding her own as a freshman on a varsity volleyball team.

“I have a hard time in succeeding with my mental strength because I think too much when I race,” Schultz said. “I need to improve this by focusing on what’s important, which are my goal times, and not let anything distract me.”

In every athlete there is a motive or drive to become something. No matter if it is becoming an athlete or cashier, be good at what opportunities that are given to you. That is how Schultz believes that one becomes a strong individual, capable of surviving in the ever-changing world.

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