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Brother to Brother will be hosting a city wide Manliness Conference, April 8-9.

Mentoring program facilitates growth, lasting bonds

Brother to Brother has their next meeting for training, April 8. Training is held once a month and the last one will be in May to end off the year. The mission of Brother to Brother training is to portray, not just to the younger brothers, but to the older to become better Christian men. Many areas that typical young men may encounter will be discussed during the training such as spiritual growth, friendships, dating and temptations.

Brother to Brother adviser, Terry Richards works with the students in different aspects of their life in hopes of guiding them in the path that God has for each of their lives.

“The goal for me in Brother to Brother training is to overall help each of the students become better men in Christ,” Richards said. “Training has gone okay in the past but it all depends on what the topic is that someone might bring up or what is going on in one of the brothers lives. Helping students in anything is part of my job and actually one of the reasons I started Brother to Brother is to help guys out one by one and then finding out that older guys can help the younger ones with different situations going on in their life.”

As a sophomore, Tyler Villines, ’18, has been in Brother to Brother as a younger brother and this year for his first year as and older brother. He explains how it is cool to be able to get a junior higher steady for high school and take them under your wing.

“This is my first year as and older brother,” Villines said. “It’s really made me realize the bond between guys as brothers, how I can reminisce on my past to be able to help my brother make big decisions and fellow the right path God has made for him. Developing through this year has taught me so many things and has been a real blessing to have a younger brother to keep myself accountable with.”

Having been in Brother to Brother as an older brother for two years Julian Castro, ’17, enjoys working and mentoring with younger kids.

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Mr. Richards will be hosting two more training sessions for older brothers this school year.

“Spiritually I have grown in Brother to Brother because I have seen my relationship with Christ in a different perspective than I had before,” Castro said. “Not only did I have to care for myself but now I have someone watching and absorbing what I put out. So in the years I have been in Brother to Brother Christ has really shown me how to love and be the guy that will hopefully help these junior highers grow closer to Him.”

Brother to Brother will also co-host the Manliness Conference, April 8-9. The conference will be for all teen boys, young men and dads. It will be be hosted by Fresno Christian in the Peoples Church gym. Chuck Stecker President and Founder of A Chosen Generation will be speaking about what it is to be a “manly” Christian man. This even is sponsored by Fresno Christian Schools and Christian Businessmen.

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Any other information needed about Brother to Brother or questions, contact Terry Richards via email: Terry Richards

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