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Feather staffers spent their first L.A. breakfast at The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard.

After the Feather Staff’s first night in Hollywood, the sun rose over Los Angeles and promised a day full of activities to follow. To prepare themselves for the events, the staff knew a hardy breakfast would be necessary to provide sufficient energy.

The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard served as the staff’s choice for their first meal of the day. Students snuck through the back door of the restaurant next to the Rite Aid nearby and were lead through a narrow hallway into the crammed cafe.

The staff scrambled to find enough seats through the self-seating process and managed to find enough chairs to fit all 15 team members. The waiters wasted no time establishing our drink orders, however, their eagerness to determine the staffers’ orders failed to please some.

Phillip Christopher, ‘17, found the service efficient when it came to delivering the food in a timely manner. However, he felt the hasty and hurried nature of the waiters unappealing.

“As soon as we entered the restaurant, I could tell there was a lot going on and it was super busy,” Christopher said. “Once we took our seats, the waiters did a good job of taking our drink orders right away, however, once he asked what we would be eating I felt pressured to make a decision on a menu I was unfamiliar with.”

The Griddle Cafe’s menu offered a variety of specialty pancakes along with typical breakfast foods such as waffles, eggs, french toast and more. With 19 different pancake options, the staff ordered a wide variety that included their “Good Ol’ Fashioned,” “Red Velvet panCAKE” and the “Yellow Brick Road.”

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The breakfast joint is bustling and busy, producing over 500 pancakes everyday.

For some of the students, the pancakes felt more like a dessert than a breakfast meal. Macy Mascarenas, ‘16, shared one of the cafe’s specialty pancakes with Rees Roggenstein, ‘16, and found it to be a sweet treat.

“I ordered the red velvet pancake with Rees from the cafe,” Mascarenas said. “It was made with cake batter and topped with cream cheese icing, so it was basically like a dessert. It was very rich and decadent and was totally worth the sugar overload.”

If other students desired a meal other than pancakes, the cafe offered dishes such as waffles, eggs benedict, omelets and even breakfast tacos. Timothy Nyberg, ‘16, chose french toast as his meal and was pleased with the price and atmosphere.

“I ordered their famous french toast which was the best I’ve ever had at a breakfast restaurant,” Nyberg said. “The amount of food received for the price paid was well worth it and the atmosphere was fun and eclectic. I would definitely recommend this to everyone I would know and would return if I was ever in the area.”

While certain students felt disappointed with the service, all agree that the food produced remained superb. After filling their stomachs with unique and well-prepared meals, the Feather staff walked out onto Sunset Boulevard, ready to take on the day.

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