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The second annual golf tournament in support of Fresno Christian athletics took place at the Copper River Country Club golf course, April 25th.

Participants convene for friendly competition, raise funds

Golf clubs, carts and players recently took to the course to raise money for a good cause. The second annual golf tournament in support of Fresno Christian athletics took place once again at the Copper River Country Club golf course, April 25th. The event raised money for the various sports teams for the school.

Participants joined together in groups of four to compete against others in the tournament. In the end, the team with the lowest score won the competition. The tournament also included competitions such as a longest drive and hole-in-one contest, however many who competed in the competition believed that playing with their groups of four was the most entertaining part of the tournament.

Former student of Fresno Christian, Pete Graveline, enjoyed the tournament and believed it was a great way to raise money for the school.

“I enjoy golf tournament fundraisers,” Graveline said. “I thought everything was done well. There was good food and the tournament went by quickly. The pace of play was perfect, not too slow as many tournaments can be.”

Tournaments such as this one provide great opportunities for players to not only enjoy a game of golf, but also support FC at the same time.

“My favorite part was the group of people I was playing with,” Graveline said. “I had a great time with everyone in our group. I used to play golf several times a week, but now I have three children and a business so golf is just for fun and I play it very seldom. Most of the time I play now is in tournament fundraisers such as this.”

The tournament was not only a way to raise money for the school, but also a way to inform many others about the school for those who may not know about it. FC alumni, Dr. Sam Hinton, also believed the golf tournament was a good way to support the school.

“The tournament was fantastic,” Hinton said. “There was perfect weather and lots of great friends. It’s a reasonable way to make money for the school and it is great for moral. It is great for people who care about the school to get together and have a good time and also support the school.”

Although the weather was cooler than expected, most golfers enjoyed the ambiance of the golf course. The tournament gave those who wanted to participate a way to both support the school but also to give them a chance to spend time with friends in a friendly competition.

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Participants joined together in groups of four and split off to each course to compete in the tournament.

Some who came to the tournament, like former FCS student Michael DeGroot, enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with friends that he had not seen for many years.

“I went to Fresno Christian from third grade to eighth grade. I also have family members that still send their kids to Fresno Christian,” DeGroot said. “It was great, I actually saw someone from my class at the tournament that I had not  seen since eighth grade. It was nice to catch up with him a little bit.”

DeGroot believed that a way to improve the fundraiser for future events would be to promote the school more throughout the day.

“I think this is a great way to raise money for the school,” DeGroot said. “I think it would be good to have more of a Fresno Christian presence around the course.  Maybe some athletes or coaches to interact with.”

The tournament both raised money for the school while also promoting the athletics department. The total amount of money that the tournament has raised has not yet been totaled. For more information about the tournament or how you can help FC athletics, contact Jon Penberthy or stop by the athletic department office.

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