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Hume Lake is one of the most popular camps for students from Fresno to attend over the summer.

Students debate recreational camps, plans for summer

Every summer the majority of high school students are encouraged by friends, adults, or youth groups to attend to some kind of camp. Students at FC have attended multiple camps ranging from the Digital Media Academy or Newsroom by the Bay to CIY Move. There are even art and music camps such as The Artist in Me or Fresno Pacific Music camp.

While most kids choose the option of the more popular camp, Hume Lake, there are cheaper opportunities such as River Parkway Camp. Some kids use their free time in the summer to improve their skills in the sport of their liking. There are lots of good camp opportunities for your summer time but some people choose to just stay home and relax with family.

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Hume San Diego
Jaden Ventura, Sophomore
May 4, 2016

“I go to Hume SD with Peoples Church over the summer. My favorite part of it is being able to come together as a bunch of churches and worship the Lord. I also love the oppurtunity to get away from Fresno and  get a different perspective on God’s love for me and my friends. It is also super fun to spend time with my friends at the beach.”

Digital Media Academy
Timothy Nyberg, Senior
May 4, 2016

“Last summer I attended the Digital Media Academy at Stanford University. I went because Stobbe advised me to get more experience with video editing so I would be better prepared to take over the video department. I learned many techniques through video and editing from a professional and was able to take what I learned and apply it to this year’s videos. The camp helped me feel better prepared in taking over the video department and furthered my skills in videography.”

Spent time with friends
Emmaline Krohn, Senior
May 4, 2016

“Last summer I did not attend a camp. I was busy with summer school and did not really want to go. I have gone to Hume Lake with my church in the past and felt that this past summer I wanted to do other things with my money and time. Despite not going to camp, I had a wonderful summer spending time with my friends at Santa Monica Pier.”

CIY Move
Tyler Vanderlinden, Junior
May 4, 2016

“Last summer I went to CIY Move in LA at Biola. I went with a group of friends from school with Northside Church. It was a super fun time. It was a cool opportunity to experience living in the dorms of a college for a week, while learning about God. Other than chapels, I really enjoyed wandering around the Biola campus and getting to know my friends better. I will be going there again this summer.”

Hume Lake
Macy Mascarenas, Senior
May 4, 2016

“I went to summer camp at Hume Lake my seventh grade year with my church. It was the first time for me going on a church trip and I went with Alli Breedlove and Marisa Jonigian. I think any Hume Lake summer trip really helps kids revive their fire for God, and creates new friendships.”

Fresno State basketball camp
Nick LeBlanc, Junior
May 4, 2016

“Over the summer I usually go to a basketball camp. I have been to the Fresno Pacific and Fresno State camps. They both are really cool but I liked the Fresno State one better. I thought it was a cool way to improve my game while getting to experience a D1 college basketball program. We were coached by some current Fresno State players. My most memorable coaches were Tyler Johnson and Marvelle Harris.”

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Some students go to camp to learn more about God and grow in their faith.

Camp Chawanakee
Jacob Avedian, Sophomore
May 4, 2016

“I went to Camp Chawanakee for Boyscouts. It was really fun getting to spend the week with my friends. We learned lots of different outdoors skills like canoeing, rock climbing, mountain boarding and biking. I went to spend time with my friends and because I needed something to fill my time with over the summer.”


NSPA Summer Workshop
Devin Pitts, Sophomore
May 4, 2016

“Last summer I was encouraged by Mr. Stobbe to go to the NSPA Summer Workshop in Minnesota. It was a super cool experience. I was the only kid from California there and I felt like it really helped my journalism skills. Since then I decided that journalism was not the right career choice for me but I still think it was an awesome oppurtunity that I had. I am glad that I chose to attend that journalism camp.”

Newsroom by the Bay
Chloe Mueller, Senior
May 4, 2016

“For the past few summers I went to camps like Hume, but last summer I decided that I should try something more academic before my senior year. I chose to go to Newsroom by the Bay because it’s centered around hands-on journalism. We learned a lot about going out and reporting on stories. It was a really cool and unique experience.”

Edison Lake
Kyle Friesen, Freshman
May 4, 2016

“I usually go camping with my dad and brother, Thomas. We camp a lot of different places but the place we go the most is Edison Lake. I really like enjoying nature and being able to have fun doing things in the Sierras. I haven’t ever been to an actual summer camp.”

Hartland Christian Camp
Morgan Coop, Senior
May 6, 2016

“I have gone to Hartland many times over the years with my church, Bethany. My favorite year was when there was an army theme. My favorite part is the game day where you go out in the mud and have races. I’ve always gone with Brittany Bender and a group of friends with church. It was super fun and an awesome experience.”

Cheer Camp
Allison Breedlove, Senior
May 6, 2016

“Cheer camp every year has been at Azusa Pacific but this year they are moving it to Hope International. I loved cheer camp because it always brought the team together. As long as I have been going we have won the spirit award and ‘camp champs’ award. We usually learn a routine with jumps, tumbling and stunts.”

Fresno State Lyell Center
Stephen Walters, Sophomore
May 6, 2016

“One summer I went to a product development and science camp at Fresno State. We got basic items to develop a toy and then we had to market and produce the toys. My favorite part was come up with the idea or building the toys because I have a mind for creation.”

As summer comes along, many opportunities for camp present themselves to students. Wether they want to improve their educational skills, become a better athlete, or grow in your faith, there is a camp for it. If an organized camp is not for you, many people enjoy camping outdoors with family or friends. It is all just a matter of what you think best fits your expectations for the summer.

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