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Students lead prayer, superintendent gives message

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Students worship together as they celebrate National Day of Prayer, May 5.

At the beginning of the school year, students arrive optimistic for the fresh new year. The first day of school sheds promise and opportunity for students as they walk through the doors. But before they start taking classes, they enter in the church doors for the beginning of the year convocation.

Fresno Christian held another annual convocation, on May 5, except at the end of the year. This convocation was a huge chapel to honor the National Day of Prayer. Around the nation, other schools participated in the same event and prayed over the school and ministry.

Convocation comes from the Latin word convocare meaning”to call/come together”. Convocation is a formal meeting of people that gather together for a special purpose. This special purpose is prayer over the FCS school year and gratefulness for what God has done.

Teachers have seen convocations come and go and found them really inspiring, such as Robert Foshee. Foshee has seen many convocations take place over the years and enjoys them very much. One of his favorite parts about convocation is getting together as a body of the school.

“I love hearing when the younger students are praying because it reminds me when he said, ‘Bring the children to me.’ (Matthew 19:14),” Foshee said. “The prayer that you get from the little kids are just pure prayers. It’s not practiced. It’s not them trying to sound good; it’s just them speaking to God.”

Convocation started out with prayer. Chris Schultz, the chairman of the board, came up and prayed for the school year and thanking God for a place to come and honor Him. Then the worship team came on stage and sang. They sang Holy Spirit and Search My Heart. Following worship, class President Timothy Nyberg of ’15-’16, shared a few verses from the Bible. After, four students came up and prayed for the school, protection, and leadership.

Each student represented a portion of their class. One for the lower elementary, upper elementary, junior high and high school. Trevor Trevino, ’17 was the high school prayer representative.

“Convocation went very well this year,” Trevino said. “I just love the opportunity to come together as a whole school and pray with one another. Its also always a pleasure to hear Mr. Brown speak and give the students encouragement to be leaders not only on campus but everywhere.”

After students prayed, superintendent Jeremy Brown took the stage and talked about how much of a privilege it is to be able to come during school hours and talk about God. He talked a lot about Jesus last year and made us realize how great it is to have a place where we can worship God freely.

Freshman Kaylie Clem had been to beginning of the year convocation, but the National Day of Prayer was new to her. She expected it to be the school praying over different topics. She realized how special it was to be at a place that allows us to worship God and pray to Him.

05052016-FC-end-Convocation-001 | The Feather Online

The worship team leads songs “Holy Spirit” and “Search My Heart” at convocation, May 5.

“My favorite part of convocation was having the little kindergarten boy pray,” Clem said. “I thought he was really adorable with his little stand. I like the songs that we sang during the beginning. I became aware of how we are able to talk about God during school hours. I’m looking forward to seeing where our new president will take us and how our school will grow.”

For seniors, this convocation was their last. Claire Kollenkark, ’16, was very disappointed about this being her last one because she has always enjoyed coming together to worship. Although she will go off to college, she will always remember the school.

“I enjoyed the worship and prayer during convocation,” Kollenkark said. “I really enjoyed my last convocation it was wonderful. I am definitely going to miss my friends and the atmosphere of a community at Fresno Christian. Fresno Christian has really helped me grow in my faith and I am going to miss everything about FCS.”

Sophomore Cate Vanderkooi, ’18, is thankful for the opportunity she has to come together as a school to worship and pray.”

Being able to worship and praise at convocation was a great experience,” Vanderkooi said. “I know that at other schools wouldn’t get that opportunity, so being able to have that here at FC is great.”

Until the next school year, this convocation will be last one for this year. At the beginning of next school year, the first day of school will start with another convocation that will open up the new semester.


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