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Vickey Belmont steps into the role of art teacher for retired teacher, Sharon Scharf.

Vickey Belmont purses artistic passion

With every dawn of a new year, FC brings in new teachers to its staff to fill vacant spots. Vickey Belmont, previously the high school secretary and co-advisor for the leadership class, will come out from behind the desk and step into the classroom.

Sharon Scharf, previous art teacher, retired at the end of the ‘15-’16 school year which opened up the position for a new art advisor. Belmont immediately jumped on the opportunity to fill the position. She is eager to get started and see what the year will hold.

“The day Mrs. Scharf told FCS that she was retiring I went to Mrs. (Amy) Deffenbacher,” Belmont said. “I told her that I would love to be considered for the art teacher. I’m happy to be in this new position. I look forward to everything that will happen this year.”

At a young age, Belmont has been interested in art and other creative projects. Her father would bring home different types of projects for her and her sister to put together. She credits him as the one who inspired her to try different kinds of art.

“When I was very young my dad would bring home different types of projects for my sister and I to put together,” Belmont said. “He is creative and inspired me to try different kinds of art. So I would say that I have been involved with art for quite awhile.”

Belmont had some new ideas for her art classes. She decided to split up art students by experience level that way advanced students would not be waiting on the newcomers and vice versa. She hopes that this will also improve the students experience with art.

“This year the art classes are separate, so there are three different levels,” Belmont said. “After talking to Mrs. Scharf I thought it would be beneficial to put students with the same skills together. That way the advanced students would not get bored and at the other students would not be overwhelmed. I want all art students to enjoy what they do. Art should be something that is fun and allows you to express yourself.”

Sophomore Ronnie Peterson looks forward to his first year of art and is excited for the new teacher.

“I think Mrs. Belmont will make a great new art teacher since she already has a great relationship with most of the students,” Peterson said. “I am excited to do different art projects and I am looking forward to what should be a great year with her.”

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This year Belmont has split the art classes up into three different levels of expertise.

Daughter Sydney Belmont, ‘17, is eager to spend the school year with her mom. She has always been interested in art but her mom has been the one to encourage her the most.

“I’m really excited for my mom to start teaching art!” Sydney said. “Ever since I was little, I have always had an interest in art and my mom always encouraged me to be creative. Art has never been something I really needed to work at so that’s always been something my mom and I have had in common. She has always been an inspiration to me and it’s awesome that she gets to inspire other students as well.”

Senior Brookie Ainley thinks that Belmont will be an exceptional art teacher. She is most excited for the art portfolio. She also has established some goals for herself to accomplish throughout the year.

“I’m looking forward to the art portfolio and being able to choose what types of projects I can do,” Ainley said. “I think Mrs. Belmont will do really well. She’s very artistic so I think it’s a perfect fit. My goals are to learn more techniques in watercolor and being able to expand on projects.”

Staff and students are excited to have Belmont as the new art advisor and look forward to the rest of the school year with her. Belmont’s background in art, creative passion and new ideas for the class will provide for a beneficial school year for the students.

For the students taking art with Vickey Belmont, leave a comment on what you think of the class!

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