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Angie Counts seeks to change perspective

20160902-fc-teacher-002Lauren Tucker

A new addition to the math department was made this year as FC welcomes Angie Counts to teach Pre-Calculus.

Major changes came to the school this year, including several additions to the staff. One of these is Precalculus teacher, Angie Counts. She is excited for the opportunity to change the way high schoolers and students in general look at math.

Some students know Counts from last year when she shadowed for teacher Rob VanBindsbergen to learn the ropes at FC. Certain things like using the grade book and powerschool will take some adjustment, but she believes these new methods will be beneficial for her and for parents as well.

Jeremiah Sieperda, ’17, shares his thoughts on Counts’ teaching and the class. This is his first year with her as a teacher, and so far he believes she does her job well. He is one of many students to have her for the first time this year.

“I think Mrs. Counts is a nice and spirited teacher. She is doing a great job of teaching new topics, and helping us understand them,” Seiperda said. “She is very supportive and is doing her best to make the class succeed.”

She believes the year is off to a good start, as so far the students have responded well to material and homework that comes with it. With everything running smoothly, she hopes that math will become a more well liked subject by some of her students.

Former students did not favor mathematics but Counts is hoping to make a difference with her current classes. By the end of the year she hopes their opinions of the subject will be different.

“Last year I taught eighth grade and one day we did a survey where everyone wrote their favorite subject. Not one single person wrote that math was their favorite subject,” Counts said. ”My goal is that at the end of the year, if I survey the high schoolers, at least some of them are going to say that math is their favorite subject.”

For the past five years she’s taken on the role of piano teacher, instructing students out of her home. Her love for piano began at the age of seven and it is now a daily part of her life. From teaching it, to playing it in church every Sunday, music is an important part of her life.

20160902-fc-teacher-001David Tuck | The Feather Online

Outside of school, Counts enjoys teaching and playing the piano.

Daughter Celeste Counts, ’18, is excited to start her junior year with her mother teaching at FC. Since her first year at the school, both daughter and mother hoped for the chance to be at the same school. Counts expressed pride in her mothers accomplishments.

“My mom has wanted to teach here for a long time,” Celeste said. “She’s been working hard to get her masters so she can come teach and I’m excited that she’s here. I am really proud of her and just glad to have her as a teacher.”

Counts attended Pensacola Christian College where she majored in music education and math. Afterwards, she went straight into teaching then later took a short break to become a loan officer for Evangelical Christian Credit Union. A few years ago she decided to attend Grand Canyon University to get her teaching credentials and masters.

Natasha Le, ’17, enjoys Counts’ energetic spirit and helpful hand when teaching new concepts. She appreciates the way everything is explained so that students understand everything in class. Her friendly and energetic personality also makes her class enjoyable.

“Mrs. Counts is a nice teacher,” Le said. “She always has energy every day I’m in her class. Her lectures are helpful and she makes sure that all of us understand it. I like the way she teaches us and am thankful that she’s my math teacher this year.”

Counts goal for the year is for students to leave with more knowledge of math while still being challenged. Math doesn’t usually make any favorite class lists, but perhaps that will change in the near future.

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