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Hannah Nale shares her vision

Greetings Fresno Christian community!

It’s time to get fired up for this year’s 2016 homecoming! As I head into my final homecoming at Fresno Christian, I reflect on all the past homecoming memories I have created: dressing up with best friends and brothers, building our float while also building community with our classes.

By participating in many homecoming activities, I was able to realize the importance of future and past homecomings.

As a varsity athlete, co-founder of T.E.A. talks, Ensemble member, and ASB President, FC has helped me grow to be the young adult I am today. Being involved here at school has been a very important aspect of my life. Not only do I enjoy being involved but I can recognize the importance of community and responsibility.

I encourage students, parents, and faculty to step out of their comfort zones and join in the FC festivities. How you may ask? Well luckily there are endless opportunities. Each year of high school I have chosen a Bible passage to focus and strive to represent.

This year I have chosen Romans Chapter 12 which talks about being a living sacrifice for our Lord. Throughout this chapter it outlines how we all have been gifted with a variety of talents that we can continue to excel in. I encourage everyone to use their personal talents for this year’s homecoming.

If you are creative attend a homecoming float meeting, if you are energetic join me in the student section, if you are friendly bring a friend to homecoming. Through this we are all able to truly fulfill what it means to be a living sacrifice while staying true to the meaning of community.

Homecoming is not only a time for us to cheer on our football team but also a time to come together as a community. We not only encourage FC students to attend but also parents and alumni. With our busy lives it is easy to skip out on homecoming but why skip out on this one.

img_0284_1-2 | The Feather Online

Nale choose Romans Chapter 12 as a passage to live by for her senior year.

This school year we are celebrating the school’s 40th anniversary, making homecoming more than just a football game with Kings and Queens but a time to join in celebration of the legacy of FC. Let us join together as world changers making 2016 homecoming a success.

God help us to use our talents for you, investing them instead of hiding them. Help us to grow together as a community while we celebrate the future and past of Fresno Christian, Amen!

Student body president senior Hannah Nale shares an occasional series via her desk.

This writer can be reached at Hannah Nale.

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