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20161002-freshman-float-003Courtesy of Dawn Hinton

The Freshman class selected the decade of the 60s for their homecoming float.

This year the theme of FC’s homecoming is ‘FC turns back time’, Oct. 7. Each day of the week leading up to homecoming, The Feather will be highlighting one float from each class. The float decade themes selected are: Freshmen 60s, sophomores 40s, juniors 50s, and seniors 70s. 

This article will be covering the freshman class’ 60s-themed float.

Each year, the annual FC homecoming challenges the incoming freshman class to compete with the other older classes in constructing a themed float. Preparing for homecoming tests the freshmen’s ability to come together as a class and work together to present a float worthy of competition. This year the FC homecoming will be held, Oct. 7.

Freshman advisory teacher Andrea Donaghe believes this year’s freshman class can work together to make a winning float. Donaghe appreciates the class’ willingness to work hard.

“As their freshman class adviser, I am really happy they voted for the 60s,” Donaghe said. “The 60s were a crazy political and emotional roller coaster for our nation. I am really proud they are trying to represent it as best as they can.”

Freshman float planner and builder Blake Deffenbacher, believes the float will surpass the previous year’s freshman float. He says they are trying their best to incorporate a hippie theme in the float.

“Our theme is the 60s this year so we are doing a background with rainbows to represent the hippies,” Deffenbacher said. “We are also going to have a Volkswagen van on the float. When we were looking back at the 60s, we looked at what influenced the people back then, and the hippies were big. I think we are going to win this year.”

At Wesley Hinton’s, ‘20, home, Christian music blared as the class conversed, danced and built their 60s-themed float. Food and snacks were provided to keep the students energized as their paint strokes and hammering assembled the float.

As the sun began to cast long shadows, the freshmen took turns working diligently and playing. The students made good use of the Hinton’s trampoline as some bounced. Other’s took a break from building by taking shelter in the shaded patio. Parents of the students supervised the building, and a few assisted with the project.

20161002-freshman-float-001Courtesy of Dawn Hinton

The Freshmen began working on their float early in hopes of have enough time to accomplish everything they wanted.

Freshman builder Annabelle Messer,  believes their class can win the float competition. Messer has painted the float and helped with the cleanup of the paint brushes.

“I am helping paint the float and clean paint brushes and rollers,” Messer said. “This year I definitely think we can win the float competition. I wanted to come out and help with float building because it is fun and I love doing projects. I think the freshman float is going to be bomb.”

Max Muñoz, ’20, thinks the freshman float will be a success. Muñoz is excited for the hippie van on the float to be finished.

“We are making a hippie van,” Muñoz said. “I am helping build it and paint. Building the float is really fun and it will help the freshman class win the competition. I like helping out my classmates. I think when we are finished with the float, it’s going to look pretty dope.”

As the competition nears, each class is either perfecting their masterpiece or scrambling to put something on a flatbed trailer. The freshman class began building their float early in hopes of having plenty of time to complete their “hippie float.” Remember to come to the homecoming game to see all of the floats in this year’s competition, Sept. 7.

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