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STEM Club offers opportunity to explore science, prompt fellowship

Regular meeting for STEM with be held on Fridays after school. Courtesy of Joey Huang

The first official meeting for STEM Club will be held Nov. 4.

A new student lead STEM club is now available for high school students on campus. The club focuses on science, mathematics, engineering, and technology, allowing students to explore the exquisiteness of nature and varying scientific fields. The first official meeting for all club members will be held on Nov. 4.

As a student lead organization, the STEM club offers a unique story of its origin on campus. A science enthusiast and exchange student Joey Huang, ’18, had been inspired by the last year’s Science Club, and decided to take it to the higher level, thus organizing the STEM.

With the help of both science teachers Scott Bucher and Karen Walters who act as supervisors for the club, Huang was able to introduce an opportunity for students to expand on scientific knowledge and explore the splendor of science.

“This year I was really inspired by the concept of STEM,” Huang said, “I am very glad I have the chance to start this club and help people get involved in scientific studies. I believe the experience you gain from this club is very beneficial, not only because of studying and comprehending scientific material, but also because it will look good on  college applications.”

Huang believes that this club will turn into a small science clique at FC. She is excited to see how the members will help each other learn more.

“I like to think of this club as a little scientific community,” Huang said. “We will help each other study science and understand the concept of it while still having fun. The goal is to draw students closer to science and to make them more passionate about it.”

One of the STEM club supervisors Karen Walters believes that this club is a perfect opportunity for students to use the lab resources and gain much knowledge in Science.

“The purpose of this club is fellowship,” Walters said, “We want to give students the opportunity to do things in the lab and with lab teachers. The students can learn many more techniques and do things we don’t have time for in class, like exploring DNA, technologies, Chemistry, building things, and pretty much anything they want to do. With this club we are hoping to increase the excitement and awareness, and make our school known for very cool science.”

stem-clubCourtesy of Joey Huang

STEM Club focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

A current member of STEM Jacob Avedian, ’18, had been a part of the science club last year, and believes that this club is going to be a success.

“I joined the STEM club because I enjoy science and other aspects with technology,” Avedian said. “So far it’s been fun discussing chemistry and the project we are working on. The reason why I think this club is going to be a success is mainly because it’s ran by Joey Huang. She is very adamant about it and seems to be doing a very good job so far, which I expect for the future too.”  

As of now, the STEM club members begin to work on the design and construction of a rocket. Become a part of this project and many others by joining the community of curious science explorers. Regular meetings will be held on Fridays 3:05-3:40 p.m. in room 622.

If you are interested in joining the STEM club contact Joey Huang, Scott Bucher, or Karen Walters.

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