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Haiyang Hu, ’19, is attending FC for the first time this year.

Haiyang Hu strives for athletic, academic excellence

Going to a new school can be very challenging. New friends, teachers, and grading methods are just small factors of high school. Now imagine not understanding how to talk to these people or read what they are writing. This is the daily life of Haiyang Hu, ‘19, or Kenneth as most FC students know him.

He was inspired to come to America because of its basketball prowess. Hu enjoys school in America more because it ends earlier. At FC he has more time to play sports he enjoys like basketball and football.

Hu is learning the rules and what is acceptable in America. He enjoys certain aspects of American life but believes China also has its advantages. Hu enjoys the freedom of imagination in the US.  

“In China no one is allowed to have weapons, which makes crime lower,” Hu said. “In America you have self expression. In China you are forced to keep a common mind instead of creative thinking.”  

FC has very supportive teachers that will not leave any student behind. The teachers in China give ample amounts homework and expect the students to finish their work accurately with little help. This can be very difficult for the children who need more help.

“American teachers are there to help you as long as you are focused,” Hu said. “In China you are given a lot of homework and expected to know how to finish it and still get good grades.”

FC is his favorite school so far since it has activities other than school work. Sports, homecoming, rallies, clubs, community involvement, and chapel are favorites of Hu. All these things require decent communication and Hu is forced to use a translator.

“Language is the biggest difficulty in coming to America,” Hu said. “Culture is also a huge shock to try and adjust to since there are so many types of people and backgrounds.”  

Hu explains how he finds similarities that ease his transition into the diverse American life. He was surprised with the people at FC in the way they treated him.

20161104-kennet-001Courtesy of Haiyang (Kenneth) Hu

Haiyang Hu is from the city of Huizhou, China.

“There are many things about Fresno that are similar to home,” Hu said. “But the one that I’m most grateful of is how nice and respectful the people are to me. I was scared at first but everyone was very welcoming.”

Just like any person when they travel away from home, Hu misses his town of Huizhou, China. Friends, family, and sentimental items go through his head when he gets homesick. This also triggers pride and appreciation for the sacrifice of his parents.   

“I miss my family and my bed,” Hu said. “I wish I could go back or they can come here. Being so far from my parents gets tough but I know they are working there to keep me here.”

America gives the freedom to its people to pursue their dreams. Equal opportunity and hard work makes the American Dream. Hu sees this as a place for his dreams to come true.

“China’s main concern is school work so it is very hard for me to play and practice basketball,” Hu said. “In America I can play basketball when I want and improve my skills by competing with the best in the area. It gives me the opportunity to pursue my passion.”

Hu looks forward to continuing his high school experience while playing basketball and making new friends in the process at FC.

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