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AP Biology and Zoology classes will travel to the Monterey Bay AquariumMichael Fu

AP biology and zoology classes will travel to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Nov. 9.

Science classes set to expand marine knowledge

AP Biology and Zoology classes will take a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to study marine life  and ecology with a more hands on approach, Nov. 9.

For some international students, or those not from this area, the trip is an opportunity to see a prominent spot in California. Eun Sol Kwon, ’17, is excited for the chance to see some of her favorite animals in person.

“I am looking forward to seeing my favorite creatures,” Kwon said. “I want to see sea otters and seals I want to eat clam chowder. I also hope to learn about new creatures that I have never seen before. I want to learn how many different creatures are in the aquarium and see all of them.”

Since it is a day away from regular school, each class has a separate assignment to work on based on what they learn. Zoology students are writing research papers on a marine topic, and biology has an assignment on ecology such as plastics and acidification. They will also participate in a few special programs designed to show the amount of plastic and waste in the ocean.

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Karen Walters has made this an annual trip for AP Biology and Zoology students.

Science teacher Karen Walters will be chaperoning the trip. She looks forward to viewing God’s creation on a more personal basis. This will be the second year in a row that the classes have attended the trip.

“This is kind of an annual trip for the AP biology and zoology class because we study both ocean ecosystems and all the marine animals,” Walter said. “This year we are going to go and do some tide-pooling, which is where we go at low tide when all the water is out and the animals are available. It’s God’s amazing creation that we can just enjoy, and it’s better up close and personal.”

After enjoying the aquarium and tide pools, the day will end with clam chowder at the Fishermans Wharf. The trip is only available to AP biology and AP zoology students and permission slips must be turned in as soon as possible.

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