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Students place caramel crisps into cupcake holders, Nov. 16.

Kimberly Bell’s seventh period home economic class baked caramel crisp mini cheesecake, Nov. 16.

During baking time, Bell provides each group a recipe to ration ingredients they need. Students can not only learn new household skills but also build up team spirit.

Tyler Vanderlinden, ’17, shares his thought about home economic class.

“I think the class is a lot of fun,” Vanderlinden said. “I like learning how to make new food and dessert. Mrs. Bell is a nice teacher, she brings new techniques and ways to teach us while having fun.”

In the past weeks the class has exploited the opportunity to make different food items. For next few weeks, they will start baking and decorating christmas cookies for the upcoming christmas season after coming back from Thanksgiving break.

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