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Jarrod Markarian | The Feather Online

Sam Cross was selected by Spanish teacher Rachel Rodriguez as the student of the month for December.


Every month The Feather will highlight one student recommended by a teacher and chosen by a Feather staff member. Students are chosen depending upon several factors including and not limited to good grades, class engagement, positive attitude and special extracurricular activities.

The student of the month for December is sophomore Sam Cross. Cross has attended the school for four years and has enjoyed everything it has to offer. Before Fresno Christian, he attended Maple Creek Elementary. Cross feels that when he was at Maple Creek his teachers prepared him well for upcoming junior high and high school.

The decision to enroll Cross at the school was made by his parents Tom and Ruth Cross. The opportunity came about and his parents wanted him to receive a Christian education. The decision was even more of a clear ‘yes’ when Sam’s grandmother, Nancy Green decided to pay the tuition. Some of Cross’s favorite activities include reading, making art and playing baseball.

“For as long as I can remember I have been playing baseball,” Cross said. “Last year I pitched and played outfield for the varsity team at school, and I really liked the challenges that it brought. I have built my own pitching mound in my backyard to get more practice in too. My favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds, but I have never had the opportunity to go to one of their games. However, I have had the opportunity to go to one of the San Francisco Giants games and that was really fun.”

Sam likes to play baseball with his brother Paul Cross, ‘22. Paul loves his brother and his friendly attitude and appreciates his brother’s willingness to help others. The two have similar interests and like to spend time together.

“Sam is such a good brother,” Cross said. “He is always there for me and is always willing to help me. He is really smart and determined and gets really good grades. At school, I don’t see him very often, but I do like knowing that if I ever need help I can go to him. One of my favorite things to do is to play baseball with him. We like to go to the batting cages and practice together.”

Friend and teammate Ronnie Peterson, ‘19, likes to be around Sam because of his sense of humor and his hard working work ethic. Together they like to play baseball, workout and just spend time together. They have been friends ever since Sam first came to the school.

“Sam is pretty funny and he has a strong, motivated work ethic,” Peterson said. “We like to practice baseball together and go to the gym sometimes. I have gotten know him better because we have been on the same baseball team since seventh grade, and those times have been very fun. Another similarity between the two of us is that we like to be right. I’m thankful for Sam because he keeps me in check.”

Some of Cross’s favorite classes include journalism, Spanish, and English. He was recommended for the position of student of the month by Spanish teacher, Rachel Rodriguez because of his determination and mature personality.

Jarrod Markarian | The Feather Online

Cross is challenging himself by taking an AP European history class this year.

“I have known Sam for a year and a half,” Rodriguez said. “I thought of him for student of the month because he is determined to be a student of excellence. He has the seriousness of a politician and a hint of a comical teenager. Sam is very articulate, to the point, and he also contemplates his thoughts. These are all characteristics of a diligent person.”

When Sam was in the fourth grade he used his artistic skills to win first in a statewide poster competition. The theme was, “food grows where water flows,” and he focused on a farm with livestock and produce.

The Cross family attends Riverpark Bible Church and they have been going there for five years. High school and student ministries pastor, Joey Hull has known Sam for two years and notices his maturity, respectfulness and friendly personality.

“Sam is stoic and composed while being easy and fun to talk with,” Hull said. “ He is a great thinker, and he maturely processes dilemmas and wants to do what is honoring to God. Sam is respectful and is willing to serve when needed. As I have gotten to know him, he has shown a desire to grow in his faith and understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

“He also has a great speaking voice,” Hull continued. “I could definitely see him as a professional voice over artist. Some similarities between us are that we both love Jesus, the church, and encouraging others. However, he has a much better speaking voice than me.”

Interesting facts about Sam Cross:

  • He volunteers at the Chaffee Zoo and Saint Agnes Hospital
  • He enjoys watching the TV show, Mythbusters
  • Some of Sam’s favorite books that he has read are Holes by Louis Sachar and Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.
  • In sixth grade, he had the reading level of a twelfth grader
  • His favorite Bible verse in Joshua 1:9
  • His least favorite kind of music is heavy metal  

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