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Courtesy of Daniel Jessing

The FC boys soccer team traveled to Coast Union High School for their final preseason game of the year, Jan. 6.

Eagles fall to Broncos

The Eagles traveled to the coast to face the Coast Union Broncos in the last match-up of preseason games, Jan. 6. FC suffered cool temperatures and a long drive and knew they had to muster up the strength to play a difficult match. Although the team prepared well for the upcoming game it was not enough

Although the team prepared well for the upcoming game it was not enough to capture the victory. The Broncos defeated the Eagles, 2-0.

The start of the game provided for a balanced match between both sides. The Eagles and the Broncos both attacked offensively and defended well. Neither team could gain an advantage on the other and the two sides were even. With time winding down in the first half both teams continued the pressure but could not find a goal. The half ended with the score 0-0.

Ready to go once again, the Eagles were fired up and ready to score a goal. Offensive attacks became more frequent. However, FC was not the only team fired up; Coast Union was hungry for a goal as well.

In a Bronco attack, a cross came in from the left side and headed toward the middle of the Eagles 18 yard box. Although there were no Broncos in sight to score on the chance, the Eagles made mistakes and conceded an own goal. The score shortly after the beginning of the first half was 1-0 in favor of the Broncos.

Confused and flustered the Eagles attempted to get back into the game. However, just minutes after the own goal, the Broncos beat the Eagle goalie and score another wild goal from far outside the box. The score was now 2-0 for the Broncos.

Courtesy of Daniel Jessing

The Eagles fell to the Broncos, 2-0, in their last game before starting league play.

The loss was hard for some players to handle. Griffin Schmidt, ’19, believes that if the team keeps their confidence up then the loss will not affect the team. He hopes that the team can continue to improve over the rest of the season.

“The loss was really disappointing,” Schmidt said. “We have to move on and prepare for our next game. If we continue to keep our spirits up and have confidence for the rest of the season we will be fine. We can’t get down on ourselves over one loss.”

Following the two goals from Coast Union, the game returned to its defensive manner. Both teams were holding the other to few opportunities. The game would close with the Broncos defeating the Eagles 2-0.

The loss to Coast Union puts the Eagle’s overall record at 2-2-3

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