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Sophia Kalugin | The Feather Online

Instrumental music teacher Lesley Bannister prepares band and jazz band for their performances, Feb. 1.

Band and jazz band rehearse for their upcoming performances, Feb. 1.

Instrumental music teacher Lesley Bannister instructs the students on new music and songs to learn for their upcoming preformance, Heritage Festival Mar. 30- April 1. The band will all go to Disneyland togother before the festival with choir as well.

Senior Trevor Trevino has been in band ever since he was in seventh grade.

“I’m really looking forward too the heritage festival this year because we get to go to Disneyland.” said Trevino. “I enjoy playing bass in jazz band because the music challenges me to practice and learn how to play with other musicians.”

Band meets sixth period to rehearse together.

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