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Every month The Feather will highlight one student recommended by a teacher and chosen by a Feather staff member. Students are chosen depending upon several factors including and not limited to good grades, class engagement, positive attitude and special extracurricular activities.

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Megan LeBlanc, ’20, was chosen by Robert Foshee as student of the month for January.

The student of the month for January is freshman Megan LeBlanc. LeBlanc has attended the school since kindergarten and is considered a ‘lifer.’ She has grown up in a Christian home with her parents Lucce and Tom LeBlanc. Megan also has a brother, Nick LeBlanc, ‘17.

Her brother Nick loves his sister and appreciates her positive outlook on life. Nick enjoys taking on the role of being her older brother, helping and mentoring her in anything she needs.

“My sister is amazing,” Nick said. “I like how she has a positive view towards everything. Together, we both like to watch and play sports. I play football, basketball, and tennis and Megan plays volleyball and soccer. Another similarity between the two of us is that we like to try our hardest in everything we do, especially school.

“I have shared many fun memories with my sister,” Nick continued. “One of my favorite memories took place in Hawaii. When we were there, we got to share a room together for a whole week. It was a time that we both enjoyed together.”

For LeBlanc, she would consider her brother her role model.

“My role model is my brother Nick,” LeBlanc said. “He’s my role model because he has been such a great big brother and has shown me that nothing should stop you from doing something you love.”

LeBlanc was recommended for the position of student of the month by history teacher Robert Foshee. He appreciates her willingness to help as well as her passion for the class. Foshee has known LeBlanc for over four years.  

“There are many students that stand out in the class,” Foshee said. “However, Megan especially sticks out for a few reasons; she loves to serve in the class and around school. She has a great attitude and is well liked by her friends. She is also outgoing and will reach out to those she doesn’t know. Megan always helps out in any way she can. That is one of the things I really like about her.

“Megan also contributes to the class quite often,” Foshee continued. “Some ways she contributes to the class include having good comments, knowing the material and being respectful towards everyone.”

As a child, LeBlanc was joyful and enthusiastic. Her mother Lucce reflects on LeBlanc’s childhood, and when they made the decision to enroll her in the school. LeBlanc has brought immense joy into her family.

“When it came time for Megan to start kindergarten, the decision to enroll her at Fresno Christian was an easy one,” Lucce said. “Nick was already a student here and we all loved it. Also, we knew she’d be in Mrs. Witters’ class and would love being a Witter Critter. When I think of Megan as a child, the first word that comes to mind is joyful. She was always a happy child who loved to makes us laugh.

“As I look back over the past 10 years, I feel immense gratitude for the extraordinary teachers who have mentored and encouraged her in so many ways,” LeBlanc continued. “She had a great deal of enthusiasm and energy for anything she tried. I’m also grateful for her wonderful friends who are such a blessing to her.”


Feather Staff | The Feather Online

LeBlanc is currently a member of the FC girls varsity soccer team.

Some things that LeBlanc enjoys doing are spending time with friends, listening to music, and playing with her dog. Annabelle Messer, ‘20, has been friends with LeBlanc for many years. They enjoy shopping, talking, and hanging out together.


“I have known Megan since kindergarten,” Messer said. “We are both lifers here at Fresno Christian and we have made so many great memories together. Most of those memories have been made while we play soccer together.

“Some of my favorite things about Megan are her sense of humor and her truthfulness,” Messer continued. “She’s a very good friend who cares about me and is always willing to help. We are so close to each other that sometimes we say the same things at the exact same time. I love being around Megan, she is such a good friend.”

Sports play a major role in Megan’s life, and her mother has been with her through all the games and many practices. LeBlanc loves her daughter’s involvement in the school and her happy attitude.  

“Megan loves sports,” LeBlanc said. “She started playing FC soccer in 1st grade and has played ever since. Though she didn’t start volleyball until 7th grade, it is now something she really loves. In both sports, she’s had a great time building friendships with her teammates and learning from each of her coaches.”

Go support Megan at the Eagles next home soccer game against Caruthers, Feb. 7.

Interesting Facts about Megan LeBlanc:

  • She can juggle three balls at once
  • On Wednesdays, she attends youth group at Peoples Church, and on Sundays, she goes to church at Northside
  • She enjoys watching ‘Drake and Josh
  • Megan’s favorite vacation was when she went to Hawaii with her family
  • Her favorite ice cream is cookies n’ cream
  • Philippians 4:13 and Isaiah 41:10 are her favorite bible verses

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