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Sophia Kalugin | The Feather Online

Darrin William, ’19, draws stories from the bible, Feb. 9.

Darrin Williams, ’19, illustrates stories from the Bible in Donn Rojeski New Testament Bible class, Feb 9. They are currently going through the book of Acts and summarizing events for their study guide.

To make the process more interesting Rojeski gave them specific stories to draw and then summarize.

The use of illustrations offer a variation on written, graded assignments, since there are several students who find it easier to express themselves artistically than they do in written form.”Rojeski said, “Some upcoming illustrations, they too will cover dramatic events, but at least one of them will require portraying a sequence of events, rather than a single scene.  Those will be taken from the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul.”

The class usually draws during their longer block session so that they have plenty of time to finish.

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