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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

World Ag Expo is the largest agriculture convention in the world and celebrates its 50th year in 2017.

World Ag Expo offers something for everyone

One of the largest agriculture conventions, World Ag Expo, has just finished its run, but this year is the 50th celebration.

Whether or not agriculture and farming runs in the family, this event with surely leave any visitor with a knowledge of technology, as well as information about the massive production that takes place in one of the biggest agriculture locations on the planet.

The name of this exposition would not have included the word ‘world’ if it did not attract vendors and attendees from all over the world. World Ag stands as the largest annual agriculture convention in the world for its 1,500 exhibitors and massive square space to display the newest technology, and of course, mouth-watering peach cobbler.

Although gray clouds and raindrops clouded the grounds on the third day, it did not dampen the mood for visitors as the walkways were still filled. With many acres set up with equipment and demonstrations, there is much to check out and explore.  

From automated milking technology to test driving trucks, time spent at World Ag will not be wasted. Seminars and local farming booths help educate and promote the best products for production and success in the fields. With a general admission of $15, this experience will give anyone an inside scoop on the lives of farmers and agricultural specialists.

For those looking for the newest equipment, World Ag features the top high-tech products every year. A top ten are selected and featured on the website and at the fair. Even from as far away as China, business marketing officials are looking to promote their business.

Some of these top ten products were automated machines made to work even the smallest jobs but at a quick rate. The Automated Ag System is one of the top ten for its efficiency in moving fruit with conveyor belts at a fast pace during harvest season.

Another top ten is the SilostopMAX which rests as a protector on feed for cows. It is an orange and black film that prohibits the entry of air into ensiled crops. Regional manager of Silostop, Megan Gebhardt talks about the details of the product.

“This product has been in the United States for about 10 years,” Gebhardt said. “We make silage films that cover bunkers and piles. Our new product this year is called SilostopMAX which combines the oxygen barrier plastic which we have been using for a long time with the UV protect which is especially needed in the Central Valley of California.”

Some of FC’s families have also explored the dirt pathways of the expo in Tulare for their own businesses. Blake Deffenbacher, ‘20, whose family business is Degroot Family Farms, has for a number of years enjoyed the trip down to the expo.

“This year it was just me and my grandpa,” Deffenbacher said. “My grandpa and I go every year and it has kind of become a tradition for me and him to go together so I love going with him to learn about all of the new technology in the farm and dairy industry and meet some of his friends. This year was definitely educational, I felt like I learned a lot more this year than I have the last few years. I have gone every year since sixth grade but my grandpa has gone every year for more than 40 years.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

On the grounds of the expo is the newest technology for farming.

Although in a similar business, Hannah Nale, ‘17, whose family owns Ziveli Winery, agrees that World Ag is a beneficial event to attend for anyone.

“Actually my family had decided not to go this year although we are farmers,” Nale said. “Due to the lack of time and opening of our new business, my father decided not to take the family. But I still recommend going, it is a great opportunity to learn more about the valley and see all the details of running a business. I have always had a great experience and can’t wait to go next year.”

If the semi truck sized tractors did not surprise visitors, then the rib-eye steak sandwich definitely will. With its seasoned tender texture, there was no question as to why the wait would not be worth it. Eight ordering windows lined with more than 12 people each could only mean that this was the place to eat. Along the main drag are local high school and churches hoping to raise money on an old famous pie recipe.

At the end of the third day, much can be taken away from this convention. Knowledge of the newest technology, agriculture business, and importance of agriculture in the world can be learned. Visitors can truly appreciate and recognize the effect that agriculture and farming can have on the entire world.


World Ag Expo 2017 from The Feather Online on Vimeo.

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