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The communities we cover

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Feather staffers interviewed new Fresno Mayor Lee Brand to hear about his plans for his upcoming term.

The Feather Online attempts to cover and unite the campus and surrounding community through journalism. National Scholastic Journalism Week, sponsored by the JEA, Feb. 19-25, gives The Feather the opportunity to showcase the importance of scholastic journalism. This year the theme throughout the week is ‘The Communities We Cover.’

Besides reports on events and changes occurring around FC, The Feather also showcases anything from new local restaurants to controversial political events. The broad range of topics is intended to engage a large audience of FC students, alumni, and supporters.

From the very beginning, The Feather has assessed the need to discover and publish stories scattered in the surrounding communities of Fresno, CA, beyond the walls of the Fresno Christian campus. While the daily news and stories of student life are a main focus to our newspaper, so is the national and local news because of the way it affects American citizens.

The communities that The Feather covers are not just the ones inside FC but rather Fresno, the Central Valley and America as a whole. These events everywhere can have an effect on teens, so it is important that students write about them. Part of the role as a newspaper is to not only surround young people in a bubble of school news but broaden the topics and issues that affect our main audience of high school students.

As legitimate journalists, it is a high school publication’s job to search and dedicate time to collecting community news and writing about it. News happens everywhere and all the time so there is no question as to why outside stories should not be included too. The school newspaper works best in when it incorporates this community aspect, creating a well-rounded newspaper that covers all the areas of news, not just those on campus.

Another part of being an effective journalist is by exercising 1st Amendment rights. The Feather demonstrates the ability to take advantage of freedom of press and speech on a daily basis. Through controversial PSA’s on teen suicide and political analysis, staff writers delve deep into local and national issues in order to bring light upon these taboo subjects.

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

As teen journalists, it is The Feather’s intent to search and dedicate time to collecting community news and writing about it. Students participate in community park work during the 2016 FC Serve Day.

The community of readers are those who engage with the campus publication. Students who are front in center of a basketball game can capture a buzzer beater basket on their cell phones. In these moments, witnesses can contribute their own stories which can be shared on our own website.

This community is not only a one-way street, the readers and journalists equally work together to make a newspaper what it is. The five freedoms are best expressed when students collectively post together.

Feather staff members stress the importance of community and teamwork daily. Photojournalists and videographers gather necessary pieces to our articles. Working together can lead to success and reliability in a newspaper, which is what our community of readers need.

Following the theme of ‘The Communities We Cover’, The Feather is also supporting the community of scholastic journalism. Participating in many events throughout the year such as News Engagement Day and Scholastic Journalism Week, this newspaper is active in promoting the importance of accurate and informed storytelling. 

An important aspect of digital journalism is adapting to the newest platforms that best reach a newspapers intended audience. According to the Office of Adolescent Health, 94% of teens access the internet through a mobile device and 71% of those teens use more than one social media site.

With the popularity of social media being so prevalent among teens, The Feather has adapted it social platforms to reach students. Through popular apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and FacebookThe Feather promotes campus events and showcases the latest articles written by campus students.

As a newspaper that strives for excellence, its role is to deliver news of truth and integrity. Part of publishing forthright news is to broaden the boundaries and events. Please take the time to engage and show your support for newspapers everywhere as we celebrate national Scholastic Journalism Week. 

The Feather encourages everyone to use the hashtag, #SJW2017 throughout the week to show support for scholastic journalism across the nation. There is also a contest to see who the most engage student at FC is. Continue to like, comment, and share Feather articles. At the end of the week, the number one Feather supporter will win a $25 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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