Page Turners: Counting by 7s

Page Turners: Counting by 7s

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Descriptive and poetic novel.

Diverse cast of characters.

Quirky coming of age story.

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Counting by 7s book cover.

Counting by Sevens takes a creative and special way to approach a story of a young girl and the way her life changes all within a few days time. This book tells about growing up, and it will warm even the coldest of hearts. Fans of Stargirl and Wonder will appreciate the way that this book takes on tough subjects and approaches the differences between people. These differences are looked at as a good thing, because the main character, Willow, loves everyone the way they are and enjoys being herself. Many of her hobbies include things that tend to be out of the norm for middle school students, and she also happens to be the top student in her class. Willow’s story is both tragic and heartwarming for readers of all ages.

Perspectives within the novel switch between a third-person and first person, in which Willow is the narrator. The two main characters, Mai and Dell Duke are written in third person. Other characters that make occasional appearances shine in lengthier chapters. These split up said chapters. As with other multiple perspective stories, the switching and changing of views complicates reading and the plot. Willow does fit the stereotypical “quirky genius” which tends to be an overused plot line within the young adult genre.

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Holly Goldberg Sloan’s most recent book, Short.

Lessons from books like these tend to be similar. In Counting by Sevens, though, there are many positive role models and messages presented. The main ones include: sticking by friends in times of trouble, making sacrifices for others, and continually having hope. The conclusion of the novel is full of love and hope, which is an encouragement for those who experience or have experienced a tough time.

This book isn’t necessarily unique anymore in the world of young adult, many books copy this sort of plot line. But, the characters make this one different than the others with the same genre and general plot. The tragedy that happens to the main character still tugs at the heartstrings, but resembles A Monster Calls. This is worth the read if you’re looking for something lengthier to read with multiple perspectives and something that will touch you.

Holly Goldberg Sloan released last month her next novel titled Short, and her other novels, I’ll Be There and Just Call My Name are both part of a series. Her writing

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Two other books Sloan has written, I’ll Be There and Just Call My Name, a series.

style is very poetic, but I do not believe I will be reading any of her other books anytime soon. There are a few rumors online about a movie, but many of the sources are not confirming the movie production of the book. I am interested to see what reviewers have to say about Short, so I will be looking forward to that.

The book can be purchased online here.

The author can be reached on Twitter: @julz_lozano19

For my last book review, read A Monster Calls.

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