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Fresno City Fest to draw crowds for unity

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The Fresno City Fest will take place at the Save mart Center, April 1-2.

Imagine a crowd of thousands gathered around a single stage, listening intently to the speaker. The crowd is made up of people of all ages, races and backgrounds. They are all gathered in one place to listen to a message.

The Fresno City Fest will take place at the Save mart Center, April 1-2. The event is free and open to whoever wishes to attend. In addition to main speaker Luis Palau, there will also be other speakers and artists performing at this event.

Some of the performers include: For King and Country, Lecrae, Lincoln Brewster and Rich Froning.

Furthermore, there will also be several interactive activities, which will include a variety of activities targeted for kids. These include sports, face painting, craft and visitors from the land of VeggieTales–Bob and Larry. 

Despite these activities, the main focus of the fest is the surrounding areas of Fresno. Luis Palau talked about the role of the community.

“There’s always churches that don’t feel encouraged to participate so it’s no great shock,” Palau said. “What blessed me here was the spirit of, ‘the church is doing a great job.’ Coming together from all sorts of backgrounds shows the city, media and politicians that Christians really do love one another and respect each other even when we have minor disagreements on details. We really do care for each other and I hope I can take this attitude to other cities.”

The Fresno CityFest has been in the making for 2 years and requires a large amount of preparation and planning. To make this event a reality, a large team of people are needed in various areas such as clean up, set up and raising awareness.    

Chelsea Miller, Press Relations and Communications Director, gives an idea of what the fest will be like for participants.

“What’s really cool about City Fest is that we really try to design it for the entire family,” Miller said. “Kids from four years old to your grandma can come. You can bring everybody. We’ve got family fun zone, bounce houses, Bob and Larry from VeggieTales, a CrossFit competition is going on and Rich Froning is going to be there. Lots of different things are going to be able to be accessible to families. It’s a completely free, two-day event with concerts all day long.”

If you would like to help please visit the Fresno City volunteer page. For more information please visit their site Fresno City Fest.

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