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Campus students will be serving at various locations, including helping elementary students at local schools, throughout the community as a part of FC Serve Day, March. 2. 

Campus student, teachers reach out to Fresno area

For the fourth year in a row, FC will be participating in FC Serve Day, March. 2. Campus students and teachers will go out into the community of Fresno to serve at various locations. There are 11 venues where students and teachers will serve. 

Leadership teacher Robert Foshee is thrilled for this year’s FC Serve Day. He relishes the unity the school has when everyone serves together. 

“The idea behind Serve Day is part of our school’s mission statement,” Foshee said. “We do a lot of serving individually throughout the school year in clubs and classes. Serve Day is an awesome opportunity to serve as a whole school. We are going out and being the hands and feet of God, giving back to the community is also really important.”

Daniel Walker, ’17, is excited for FC Serve Day. He sees the day as an opportunity to show an example of how a Christian should be active in the community.

“I signed up to serve at Kepler Elementary School,” Walker said. “I chose Kepler because a lot of my friends were going there and it is a good opportunity to be serving kids in our community. I am looking forward to taking the day off of school and sharing the love of Jesus to people who may not have a relationship with God.”

FC Media Library

One location students will be serving at is the Community Food Bank.

Students enjoy serving the community with their fellow peers. Natalie Hampel, ’19, will be serving at Lanna Coffee.

“I’m going to serve at Lanna Coffee,” Hampel said. “I’m looking forward to serving because it is a unique way to give back to the community while having fun with your friends.”

Lanna Coffee is a non-profit business that supports villages in northern Thailand, selling their coffees and returning profits and investing in the villages. This helps the community self sustain themselves instead of relying on illegal resources.

The locations that students will be serving at are as follows: Community Food Bank, Graffiti Abatement, Lanna Coffee, City Park cleanup, Community Center cleanup, Raintree Convalescent, Tree Fresno project, Kepler Elementary School, Wellness Center cleanup, Discovery Center cleanup, Church Food Distribution, and Fresno CityFest. 

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