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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Seniors Jenny King (left) and Hannah Nale wear no make up in honor of T.E.A. Talks ‘Women of the Bible’ day, Feb. 28.

Jenny King, ’17, and Hannah Nale, ’17, participate in the T.E.A. Talks ‘Women of the Bible’ challenge for challenge week, Feb. 28.

Challenge week is a week created to challenge girls in T.E.A. Talks to sacrifice things for a day. This is the second annual challenge week. Nale and King plan events every day for a week, each to teach appreciation.

‘Women of the Bible’ day challenges girls to embrace their true beauty and not feel reliant on make up.

The task for tomorrow is called ‘Refresh and Renew’ where girls are challenged to take thirty minutes out of their day to read the bible, pray and see what God has created. The challenge also calls for the ladies to listen only to Christian music through the day.

Throughout the week members are challenged to give up every day items which can be taken for granted. The items T.E.A. Talks girls were asked to give up include; all electronics, make up and all other foods besides those that grow. Girls weren’t only asked to give up items but also to participate in things such as; listening only to Christian music, writing appreciation letters, carrying a one gallon bottle of water and walking two miles.

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