Elaborate costumes bring Broadway number to life

Elaborate costumes bring Broadway number to life

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Many shows filter in and out of Broadway in New York, moving as fast as the people walking the streets. But, Disney’s The Lion King happens to be a staple show, considered a classic by many. The show first premiered on October 15, 1997 and is still going on strong, with about eight shows a week. The cast even decided that “The show must go on,” and stuck around during the 2017 blizzard. The story brings out the child in each audience member. The original musical score was created by Hans Zimmer, with choral arrangements by Lebo M. The entire production is directed by Julie Taymor. 


A close up of the opening number, “Circle of Life.” 

The colors of the set and of the costuming enchant and cause the audience to be fully engulfed in the environment. The story pulls at the heartstrings and each group number brings the world of the Lion King to life. Whether you’ve got seats in the front or the very back, you’ll enjoy seeing the creativity of the dances and cheerfulness of the cast. Expressions from each actor reach all audience members with ease. The opening number sets the entire mood for the remainder of the 2 hour and 30 minute show.

At the performance The Feather staff attended, there were some technical difficulties with the sound in between two of the songs “Chow Down” and “They Live in You,” but those on stage recovered gracefully from the mishap. The Minskoff Theatre where The Lion King is performed has many seats, but some of the seats higher up make it difficult to see details of the curtains or the already beautifully intricate costumes. Extra songs that weren’t the seven in the movie include songs titled: “Chow Down,” “Grassland Chant,” and “Shadowland.”

Jennifer King, ‘17, enjoyed the various costumes and colors in the show.

“The Lion King was an interesting and visually amazing show. There is so much color and life that is


The current actors for Simba and Nala are Jelani Remy and Adrienne Walker respectively.

displayed with the elaborate costumes and masks which made it much more exciting to watch.” King said. “I actually really like some of the filler songs that the characters sang in between the usual famous songs. Overall, it was spectacular and would recommend it!”

The cast at this performance consisted of many powerful singers: Rafiki (Tshidi Manye), Mufasa (L. Steven Taylor), Simba (Jelani Remy), and Nala (Adrienne Walker). In the opening, Rafiki captures the attention of the audience quickly. The young actors (Jordan Toure as Young Simba and Aliyah Mastin as Young Nala) take on the role of fun-loving lions with ease and seem to truly enjoy being in the spotlight. The ensemble singers did a fantastic job in the numbers with multiple songs, and they seemed to blend really well together as a group. The dances contained a lot of movement for the viewer to admire, and many dances included ballet, gymnastics, and jazz moves because of the talents of the cast.

Overall, The Lion King on Broadway is a crowd-pleaser and a family favorite for many reasons.

Juliana Lozano

The Lion King has eight performances a week in the Minskoff Theater.

There is fun in the show for kids and adults alike, and anyone new to Broadway shows should definetly go and experience a beautiful and tear-jerking classic. There are shows eight times a week and the theater is simply a few steps from the main hub, Times Square. Each actor seems excited to perform and the happiness coming from the stage is contagious to the audience. The Lion King is a must see for any visitor to New York.



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