FC Underground 2016-’17, No. 26

FC Underground 2016-’17, No. 26

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Clark Zhu | The Feather Online

This is the 26th episode of “FC Underground, 2016-’17,” covering the week of Mar. 20 – Mar. 24, 2017. Seniors Trevor Trevino (replaced by Julian Castro in this episode) and Jennifer King were selected to be the new hosts for the 2016-’17 school year.

This is the 26th episode of “FC Underground, 2016-’17,” covering the week of Mar. 20 – Mar. 24, 2017. Seniors Trevor Trevino (replaced by Julian Castro in this episode) and Jennifer King were selected to be the new hosts for the 2016-’17 school year.

FC Underground is a weekly vlog co-hosted by Trevino and King, filmed by senior videographer Jarrod Markarian and edited by senior videographer Clark Zhu. This vlog shares weekly news from the campus of Fresno Christian High School.

This week, The Feather are back from New York city with the fourth consecutive GOLD CROWN! On Monday, CSU placement test will take place in the morning. Best wish and good luck to all test takers! Also, High school baseball and softball, tennis, track and field all have games throughout the week. Be sure to come out and support your Eagles! On Saturday, the annual FC auction will take place in the PC gym. So be sure to donate items by the end of March 20 and be at the auction on March 25!

The editors and film staff welcome additions, suggestions, and events to cover or promote each week. Please email [email protected], drop a note in adviser Greg Stobbe or Kori Friesen’s office box or bring your suggestion to the publication lab.

This week in events


CSU placement test. Test takers please be prepared and good luck to you all!

Spring begins today.

Tuesday to Wednesday

Boardgame club after school in room 623.


CSF off campus lunch.

International club meeting in room 627.


Science club meeting in room 621 after school.

Choral will be heading to Cal Poly for competition


FC Auction will be taking place in the FC Gym. Please save the date!

This week in sports


HS boys tennis vs Dos Palos at FC field at 4 p.m.

HS baseball game at Dos Palos at 3:30 p.m.

HS Softball game at Mendota at 3:30 p.m.


HS track and field WSL Meet Parlier & Caruthers at Caruthers at 3:30 p.m.


HS boy tennis game at  Coalinga at 4 p.m.

HS baseball vs Kern Valley at FC field at 3:30 p.m.

HS softball vs Kern Valley at FC field at 3:30 p.m.


HS track and field Hanford West Invitational (Hanford Bowl) at Hanford at 3 p.m.


HS baseball game at Coast Union (double Header), time TBD.

HS softball vs SJM/BC (Double Header) at FC field, time TBD.

This week in food


Beef macaroni casserole


Cheese quesadilla


Chicken teriyaki




Grilled cheese sandwich

Fun fact of the week

HS PE teacher Mick Fuller sells eggs and garden produce from his backyard garden.

Those interested in last week’s vlog, please watch FC Underground 2016-’17 No. 25

“FC Underground” first ran in the fall of 1997 and continued until the spring of 2001. In the fall of 2009, editor-in-chief Suzanna Quiring , ’10, resumed the series, which was then produced by Paige Powell, ’10. After Quiring and Powell graduated, Brooke Stobbe and David Casuga took up the job until the end the 2011-’12 school year. Callista Fries took over after Brooke Stobbe in 2012-’13, and hosted through spring 2015.Kevin Garcha, Kylie Bell and Tim Nyberg took over on 2015-’16. Now, seniors Jennifer King, Trevor Trevino, Jarrod Markarian and Clark Zhu continue the segments.

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“Never fear to try something new,” my father used to tell me. People are always afraid of the unknown. However, the unknown is not meant to be bad. It may also let people discover their new potential. I indeed found this to be true when I decided to join The Feather. Journalism is a whole new field for me. But as one of the students in Fresno Christian who is specialized in videography, I would love to contribute effort to the video department as much as possible. During my first and only year in The Feather, I seek to explore in journalism filmmaking and participate the various events happening inside or outside the campus. Therefore I would have a more diverse experience before wrapping my senior year of High School. Apart from school life, watching movies and editing video project are my favorite things to do. As a horror flick addicted, my favorite film of all time falls on Stanley Kubrick’s, 'The Shining'. In a word, I want to make the best of my senior year and leave no regrets when I graduate. Working for The Feather is the best way to help me achieve that goal. This author can be reach via email: [email protected]

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