Roll One For Mi offers affordable prices, good service

Roll One For Mi offers affordable prices, good service

Dawson Triplitt | The Feather Online

Writer Dawson Triplitt, ’17, shares his experiences at the sushi restaurant, Roll One For Mi.


Roll One for Mi is a small sushi joint on the corner of Champlain and Shepherd next to Marble Slab and Jamba Juice. Roll One for Mi is not the biggest restaurant but does pretty well, it always is pretty busy.

They have been open since 2013 and offers top of the line sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine. They are a locally owned and operated business only having one location in the Via Montaña shopping center.

When you walk in the door there is a long hallway with tables on the right, the sushi bar on the left, and about ten tables lining the left-hand wall that each can seat four people. There are probably eight to ten barstools at the sushi bar that people can sit at and enjoy their meal.

There is also a nice patio in the very back of the hallway that kind of seems like a lounge. The patio has tables but instead of traditional seating is lined with couches. It is a very nice quiet restaurant that is a perfect spot for a date night if you go when it is not too busy.

The only gripe I have with Roll One for Mi is near the patio door there is a little corridor to the left with the bathrooms. In the back of the restaurant, there are always cleaning supplies obstructing the everyone’s view. Other than that the atmosphere of the restaurant is fantastic.

Their sushi is fantastic. The Magic Dragon, Spicy Tuna, and the Titanic were awesome. Spicy Tuna is a classic that is pretty hard to mess up. The Magic Dragon is phenomenal; it is the size and loaded with flavor. The Titanic tastes good but is a little bit too big and often fell apart when I tried to eat it.

Dawson Triplitt | The Feather Online

Roll One For Mi is Triplitt’s go-to sushi spot in Fresno.

Also, I tried the chicken fried rice. It was good but did not compare to teppanyaki fried rice at all. It comes in a large bowl with lots of carrots and onions in it as well. It was very good fried rice but I preferred the sushi.

I also tried the gyoza (potstickers) that come in a serving of six. They are pretty small but have some good flavor. They are also served with a teriyaki dipping sauce that makes them taste very good. I would say its an excellent appetizer for a party of two or three but any more than that should consider buying two orders.

Every time I have been the service is fantastic always being quick with our drinks and refills when we need them. They were quick with the check and fulfilling any need my family and I had.

I would recommend Roll One for Mi for anyone looking for some very good sushi. It’s well priced and has become my go-to sushi spot.

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