COLUMN: ‘No excuse’ commitment fosters success

COLUMN: ‘No excuse’ commitment fosters success

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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Sophia Kalugin, ’19, discusses what type of commitment it takes to be successful in any situation.

Jobs, school, and activities arouse multiple emotions. Often occupations start out with excitement and curiosity, but as we continue in our jobs or schoolwork, we often arrive at a blockade and stress out.

Stress frequently occupies our thoughts and distracts us from the joy that can be found in work. All the negativities divert our attention away from what we should be doing.

Rough patches are unavoidable. Every job will have a season of deadlines and due dates to accomplish. Stress appears in every situation that involves a consistent effort.

As the semester advances, students may feel they are given double the amount of work. This is a stressful time for high schoolers. The amount of work will seem difficult to overcome but with persistence, it will slowly fade.

When one starts a new assignment, at first excitement and curiosity influences perspective, yet deadlines and due dates are unavoidable.

School and work are not the only places stress appears. Many forms of commitment include times of stress and difficult work, such as sports or extracurricular activities.

Whether it’s staying after practice to work on harder skills and condition or doing research on a project for an assignment at school, success depends on the effort put in from the beginning.

For instance, my junior high soccer team was preparing for the championship game a couple years ago. Our coach worked individually with us on skills that needed improvement. The team worked hard at practice but once we got home, the effort stopped. When the game finally arrived, we did not play our best which led to losing the game that mattered the most. If the team had continued to practice at home in their free time, winning may have been an option.

Success requires setting a goal and being determined and put in the effort it requires, even in the midst of a rough patch. After losing the championship game, I realized even if it’s difficult and tiring hard work pays off. No obstacle or excuse is too big to overcome if you persist, commit, and are passionate. Don’t accept anything less.

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About the Author:

Sophia Kalugin
“Never regret, if it's good, it's wonderful, if it's bad, it's experience.” - Victoria Holt Throughout my life and childhood, I have been presented with many opportunities and circumstances in which I had to make big decisions. It was never easy to decide what to do, but once God gave me a clear answer, I would take a step forward and embark on the journey set before me. Whether it was when I came to Fresno Christian in 5th grade, or when I joined soccer in 7th, even though I had never played the sport, I alway was able to walk away with either amazing memories or experiences. My participation in photojournalism this year was a huge decision. I wasn't sure if I was able to take on such a big opportunity, while trying to juggle all of my other classes and extracurricular activities. I am very excited for this upcoming year, and all the memories and experiences I will gain from it.


  1. Trevor Trevino April 5, 2017 at 11:35 am - Reply

    This is a perfect article for Seniors who are stressing out about their last and final grades of the semester. Also for those Seniors who are trying to figure out their college home. This article truly makes me feel relaxed about the future that is to come. Thanks Sophia!

  2. Hannah Nale April 6, 2017 at 12:59 pm - Reply

    Sophia, this article is amazing! Thank you for the hope and peace this provides. Encourages us to strive for a positive mind set. I can’t wait to see the amazing work you will continue as an upper class men next year!

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