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During Breakaway, the FC gym is transformed into a worship center for all of the participants.

Peoples Church offers spring break service opportunity

As students across the country get ready for the upcoming spring break, many students in Fresno look forward to spending time together and serving their community. Peoples Church student ministries, known as ‘The Chase’ will once again hold their annual Breakaway event, April 9-13.   

Breakaway is a five-day camping event in which students serve the Fresno community. The goal of this event is to get students to serve God by serving others, cleaning parks, helping at elementary schools and in various other ways.

Last year over 500 students from churches all over Fresno and Clovis attended. They are broken up into groups called tabins. Each night, students go to worship chapel and hear from a speaker.

Logan Lewis, ‘20, is excited about Breakaway. He hopes to share the love of God with others.

“I went to Breakaway last year and I’m very excited and looking forward to this years,” Lewis said. “I go to Breakaway to make a difference in my community and learn more about Christ. If I could take one thing from Breakaway that would be just telling people about God’s truth and love.”

Some students will not go to Breakaway this year because of the cost. Sophia Kalugin, ‘19, will not be staying in tabins but will still participate during chapels.

“I am not going this year,” Kalugin said. “But I have gone these past three years. I go to Breakaway because it gives me a whole new perspective on how to help others. If I could take away one thing it would be a serving heart to help others and a willing heart to help others.”

Mariana Fikse | The Feather Online

Students across Fresno County look forward to serving their community through Breakaway.

Other students go to Breakaway to get away from their everyday life and to serve the community, such as Josh Oakley, ‘18.

“I am going to Breakaway this year and I went to Breakaway last year as well,” Oakley said. “I go to Breakaway because I get to serve in the community. My favorite part about Breakaway is meeting the people that also share a love for the community and God. I suppose the takeaway is you get the opportunity to remind yourself what is truly important being a servant to others and putting Jesus as the focus. This is also a refreshing break to all the craziness that happens in day to day life.”

Sign up for Breakaway in the People’s church student office. Visit their website page here.

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