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Jaden Ventura | The Feather Online

Class of 2018 produced the parody of the ’90’s movie “Billy Madison”.

The Spring season bring many opportunities for social gathering. One of the big events is Night of the Stars (NOTS). After one year of pause, NOTS, an annual tradition started in Fresno Christian since 1990, has returned. Students in each class made their movie parodies to present at the event.

Class of 2018 produced the parody of the ’90’s movie “Billy Madison”. Billy (Jacob Provost) has been a spoiled kid his whole life, messing around with friends and cruising through life. His father (Roman Endicott) begins getting fed up with his son’s antics and offers Billy and ultimatum. Billy is tasked with retaking every grade in 6 weeks or else the fate of his father’s company falls in the hands of his father’s evil associate Eric (Jacob Avedian).

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