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Photo illustration - Cayla Rivas

Tyler Villines, ’18, encourages kids to shine God’s light through sports, May 3.

Junior Tyler Villines begins his day with a Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle at an area school, May 2.

Villines was inspired to be apart of FCA because of the impact God has made on his life through sports, wanting to encourage kids so they could have the same experience.

This is Villines’ second time being a leader of a FCA huddle.

Looking forward to next year, Villines would like to make the huddles more of a regular occurrence.

Villines spoke about God using our weaknesses as strengths and shared the bible verse, 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10

“God has blessed me with the opportunity to shine his light through sports,” Vilines said. “I just wanna take every opportunity I can to teach younger generations to do the same”

If interested in being apart of FCA, contact Robert Foshee

Original photo credit: Logan Lewis 

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