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Jaden Ventura | The Feather Online

Tyler Vanderlinden, ’18, shares his memories throughout his campus high school experience.

As the school year comes to a close, graduating seniors were asked to reflect on their memories throughout high school. Students were asked questions ranging from their biggest regrets, and college aspirations, to advice for future Eagles.

The purpose of the video was to give seniors a chance to look back and share what they’ve learned throughout their high school career. The seniors gave insight into realizing the importance of being as involved in everything as you can, and just how fast the time goes by.

The video was shot using a green screen which just so happened to be the first time for us. Seniors, please leave comments below and share your campus school experiences. Underclassmen are also encouraged to share their experiences as well, especially commenting on what is shared in the video and/or what they intend to do in the coming years at FCS.


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