Senior Reflection: Nick LeBlanc

Senior Reflection: Nick LeBlanc

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Commentary: End of year wrap-up

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Nick LeBlanc shares memories from high school and reflects on his time at FC

For the last 12 years, I have been blessed to call Fresno Christian my home. As graduation nears and the realization that the senior class will be split up sinks in, I am left with mixed emotions throughout my final days at FC.

While part of me is eager to step forth into the real world and leave my high school days behind me, the other half remains apprehensive of what lies ahead.

The thought of being on my own and one step closer to adulthood excites me, but in the midst of the excitement, it is important to appreciate the present and reflect on my time at Fresno Christian.

Four years ago when I started high school, the thought of graduation seemed so distant, yet here I am just days away from venturing off to college. My time at FC will be remembered for more than just classes, assignments and tests; I will, more importantly, remember the fellowship within the school and the special bonds that I made throughout the years. 

From lifelong friends to new acquaintances met this year, the friendships I made at FC have been something unique. My friends have pushed me to be the best person possible while offering encouragement and words of wisdom. The positive personalities were not just found in students, as teachers around campus were just as uplifting. In particular, Greg Stobbe greatly had an influence on my growth throughout high school.

Thanks to a mix-up with my schedule junior year, I was left with a free period. After being dogged by Stobbe the previous two years to join The FeatherI thought that I would give journalism a try. Unaware of what I was getting myself into, I quickly realized that this class would demand more from me than I expected.

At times, I thought of quitting due to the extreme workload. However, I am glad I didn’t as The Feather served a greater purpose than just the school newspaper. My ability to write progressed and I became more comfortable writing. I became a leader within the journalism lab as many first-year students often came to me with questions. I gained a greater sense of what was happening not only within the school but also around our community. 

The highlight of my experience on The Feather was being able to join the team on their trip to New York. Although I was unprepared for the cold weather, the memories I made are some I will never forget. From embracing the culture of Times Square to teaching other journalism students at Columbia University, to winning a Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown, I will always remember that trip. 

The Featheralthough difficult at times, served as one of the greatest decisions I made during my time at FC. I want to thank advisers Greg Stobbe and Kori Friesen for everything they did. While they pushed me, all they wanted was for me to succeed, and for that I am grateful. 

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Nick LeBlanc was a member of The Feather for two years. He accompanied the team to New York this past March, winning a CSPA Gold Crown for the second year in a row.

My high school experience was not all about my schoolwork, as I made sure to partake in different sports. While I won two Valley Championships while on the football team and made the playoffs all three years of tennis, my favorite sport by far was basketball.

Starting freshman year, I had a passion for the game. After winning MVP both freshman and sophomore year, I knew that this sport was something special. Entering my junior year, I was starting my first year on varsity. There was a new coaching staff that season but there was something special about them. Every single one of them cared about each player and wanted to see everyone reach their full potential. 

Although we did not fulfill our dreams of a Valley Championship during my last two years, I am extremely grateful for the times I had out on the court. I am grateful for my coaches who wanted nothing but to see me succeed. I am thankful for my teammates, in particular, co-best shooter in the Valley, Phillip Christopher, for making every season great.

For any students who are returning to FC, I have three pieces of advice. First, take school seriously. Do your homework and get good grades. Down the road when you are applying to colleges, it is crucial to have a balanced application. Do things now that your future self will thank you for.

Second, enjoy the present. High school flies by and it only goes faster as you get older. Do not worry about the future but rather appreciate what is going on now. You want to be able to look back on your high school days and know that they were well lived. 

And lastly, have fun. Play sports, join clubs and just make memories. High school is arguably the best time of your life so make sure to go out and have a blast. 

I have had some amazing times at FC and while I am nearly done with high school, I know that a part of Fresno Christian will always be with me. For the final time, I want to thank all my teachers and friends for making my time here at Fresno Christian something amazing. 

Nick LeBlanc will be attending Saint Mary’s College of California in the fall with the hopes of majoring in business.

This author can be reached via twitter @_NickLeBlanc and via email Nick LeBlanc.

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Nick LeBlanc
“There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them.” - Ralph Marston. As a Type 1 diabetic for nearly 12 years, I have learned how to overcome difficulties. Being a student athlete has also equipped me with the tools to overcome hardships, either through a hard loss or an injury. As a rookie in publications last year, my writing skills were subpar, but as the year progressed, changes in my writing became evident. Carrying on the success of The Feather puts a huge level of responsibility on my shoulders, but also has its benefits. Publications allows me to become more aware of the amazing things that happen not only at Fresno Christian, but also around the community. Whether it is on the field, on the court or in the journalism lab, leadership skills are in my DNA. As a returning member of The Feather, I hope not only to write articles, but also to help the newcomers and equip them with the same tools that were given to me in hopes to repeat the success of last years staff. I am looking forward to helping The Feather grow and hope that I can use the knowledge that I gain to better not only the rest of my high school days, but to better the rest of my life. This writer can be reached via email: [email protected]

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