Campus leaders outline hopes, aspirations

Campus leaders outline hopes, aspirations

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Seniors discuss expectations for final year

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Entering senior year for some means obtaining new responsibilities that can be completely foreign and take getting used too.

With millions of students starting back to school this year, each one will experience unique goals in their new grade level. Seniors, on the other hand, will begin a transition of starting the preparation for future plans of college preparation, SATs, or even the thought process of knowing where they might end up after college.

Entering senior year for some means obtaining new responsibilities that can be completely foreign and take getting used too. For example, this year at Fresno Christian seniors earn the luxury of getting an off campus lunch pass. Although it may seem like fun and games it can be quickly taken away if students use their time inefficiently.

As seniors begin the race to start applying to various colleges, they begin thinking about what they are best at, possibly adjusting their plan to accommodate their interests. Many seniors, prior to entering college, start looking into what their major is all about.

Fascinated by the insides and outs of technology, Stephen Walters, ‘18, strives to be focused and to stand out academically, dreaming of being chosen to attend Cal Poly University to earn a degree in mechanical engineering next year.

“This year, coming to school as a senior I felt welcomed,” Walters said. “It was a great convocation this year, seeing all the new kids I felt joyful after knowing that I’ve been here for eight years and  I can kind of go out with a bang. I feel the same coming back this year but the only change is knowing that I don’t get to come back next year, which is kind of like these nostalgic things like homecoming. It’s like you really feel that you have to do your absolute best at one point because this is your last opportunity and you won’t get another opportunity after that.”

Determined to become well rounded, not only in academics but also extracurricular activities, senior Erin Wilson strives to be a leader on campus attending various school related activities. Wilson plans on achieving big academic goals along with applying herself in the FC leadership program.

“I was really excited this year and it didn’t really feel real to be a senior because I’ve always been looking up to the seniors and being like wow they’re so old, so I was really excited to know that I’m the oldest on campus,” Wilson said. “Definitely just leadership activities, like student led activities such as rallies in the student section, Sadies, and homecoming week because I really like those types of events. As for extracurricular activities, I would really just like to get involved, especially with basketball, hopefully, have a winning basketball season and just make it past the first round of playoffs with our team.”

ASB vice president, Tyler Villines, ‘18, plans to attend California Baptist University or Fresno Pacific University to major in worship ministry. Villines aims to stay close to home to keep in contact with family and friends.

“I’m expecting to have the time of my life senior year,” Villines said. “I know how long I can wait before I start an assignment. I’m going to make sure that I do everything to my fullest whether it’s on the football field, the baseball field or in the classroom. I want people to look at me and be excited for their senior year instead of them looking at me and thinking I’m a lazy senior.”

Senior year presents itself as the final opportunity for many high school students to make lasting memories and try new things before graduation and the transition to college. 

Maicy Luginbill, ‘18, wants to enjoy her senior year and try new things. Luginbill wishes to attend either Fresno Pacific or Fresno State and become a labor and delivery nurse.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Senior year presents itself as the final opportunity for many high school students to make lasting memories and try new things before graduation and the transition to college.

“I want to have a great senior year and to be able to do everything I haven’t done in the past three years,” Luginbill said. “I cheered from freshmen to sophomore year and I wasn’t ever to able to go into the student section. My first game was on Friday and it was really cool to be with everybody and have fun.”

As graduation nears, many seniors finalize college applications and prepare to submit them. For students who need assistance with college applications, contact Michelle Warkentin academic adviser and schedule an appointment. Seniors, what are your expectations for your final year? Please leave thoughts in the comment section below. 

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