Magician performs at local church

Magician performs at local church

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Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Performing since the age of two, Justin Flom loves magic and has grown up around it his whole life. Flom uses faith throughout his performances and his life in hopes of bringing people to God.

Justin Flom impresses audience with magic

American magician, Justin Flom, performs at CrossCity Church, Aug. 27. Best known for his YouTube channel and starring on the television show, Wizard Wars, Flom performs magic with everyday objects and has starred all over the country.

For many, this was their first magic show. Brent Deffenbacher, the discipleship pastor at CrossCity, reflects on the performance and why they asked Justin Flom to come to their church in the first place. He enjoyed the performance as it was the first he has attended.

“About nine months ago our directional leadership team brainstormed ideas for an outreach event,” Deffenbacher said. “As a team, we plan quarterly outreach opportunities and in one of our meetings Justin’s name came up. The primary purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for churchgoers to invite unchurched friends to an event on our campus.

“My favorite part of the evening was watching my son, Blake, take photos of the event,” Deffenbacher continued. “After the performance, Justin posted the pictures that Blake took on all of his social media platforms which were amazing to see.”

Performing since the age of two, Justin Flom loves magic and has grown up around it his whole life. Flom uses faith throughout his performances and his life in hopes of bringing people to God.

“My dad was a magician before me so I grew up around it and I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Flom said. “One memory that I have was sawing my mom in half which was pretty exciting. At the age of two, I was on the stage performing magic. Since then, I’ve been on YouTube for a couple of years now and it the most fun thing to carry around a camera at all times and do magic.”

According to Flom, he uses magic to minister to his audiences similarly to how Jesus shared parables. Flom continues to talk about his faith and how he uses it when performing. He also shares about a time when his actions brought someone to God.

“One time I got a letter from a woman in the hospital and she couldn’t do anything except lay there in bed all day,” Flom said. “The email stated that she watched all of my YouTube videos and she kept seeing that I was a Christ follower. Later in the email, she called over the hospital chaplain after watching my videos and asked what it means to follow Christ. She soon dedicated her life to Christ, so that’s the way now that I like to share the faith.

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

According to Flom, he uses magic to minister to his audiences similarly to how Jesus told parables. 

Humored by the magician’s performance, Kayla Vanderlinden loved the excitement the magician provided the crowd. She enjoyed all of the tricks and would recommend the show.

“Overall, I liked Justin Flom’s performance because he was funny, and kept me entertained,” Vanderlinden said. “My favorite trick was when he put the earphones through his neck and pulled out a mint. I would go see him again because he is a super amazing magician, and I liked him.”

Tyler Villines, ‘18, heard about the magic show the night of the performance and immediately wanted to go because he finds magic entertaining. Villines respects Flom because of his faith and American pride he brings to his magic.

“Justin’s performance was amazing,” Villines said. “Not only was he insanely skilled in the art of illusion but he also did a phenomenal job of interacting with, not only individuals but everyone in the audience. Every trick he did leave me dumbfounded, but my favorite was his card trick called ‘Soldier’s Deck of Cards, ’ and it’s not only an outstanding card trick but also is faith based and shows true American pride.

“If I ever get a chance to see him again I will be there in a heartbeat,” Villines continued. “It’s awesome to know that you can be a truly gifted illusionist that’s been on Ellen and have your TV show, and truly stay strong in your faith and point all the glory back to God.”

Flom’s next performance takes place in Nashville, Tennessee, Sept. 10. He will return to California, Dec. 1, performing at California Baptist University.

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