PROFILE: Endicott brings experience, determination to football team

PROFILE: Endicott brings experience, determination to football team

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Senior leads team by example

Zhu Yunxi | The Feather Online

Roman Endicott (number 19) plays on both the offense and defense during football games.

Football season has arrived, and the players brace the heat to train and practice. Boys rush the field once again, sweat pouring down their faces in an attempt to prepare for their upcoming game.

A new season provides new challenges; a team that quickly needs to be rebuilt from scratch. Incoming players require a leader – someone they can count on for encouragement and mentoring. This year, senior Roman Endicott fills that role.

Endicott uses football as a tool to destress, and is honored to be a part of the FC program. As an athlete he recognizes the family atmosphere that comes from bonding with his teammates, and the challenges that playing both offense and defense brings.

“I love the coaching staff, I love the team, it’s just an absolutely great atmosphere here at Fresno Christian,” Endicott said. “Aside from winning a couple Valley championships, I think the little moments during practice – on the way to the games on the bus or in the locker rooms that you share with your teammates that are absolutely hilarious make every single year the best. I would say that every year is my new favorite year of doing football, it just keeps getting better and better as the team progresses and as the coaching staff continues to love on the boys.”

In coach Russ Counts’ fifth year coaching at Fresno Christian, the last two as the head coach, he holds big expectations for Roman in the upcoming season.

“Roman has improved because he has become very confident on and off the field. He leads by example and that enhances the whole team,” Counts said. “Roman is a captain because he is a four-year starter; he is looked on by all the players as a leader. I expect Roman to be a first team all-league player, and I am honored to be his coach. He is one of those players that just makes a coach love coaching.”

Roman is my co-captain, my teammate, and also my best friend and brother. He puts his own personal opinions aside to truly acknowledge the viewpoint of others. He’s extremely smart and it absolutely baffles me how he’s able to juggle being the student body president, captain of the football team, and an above average student. — Tyler Villines

As a fourth year player, Endicott brings experience to the team and is prepared to finish the season strong. His passion for football started young, when he was a third grader in elementary school. Participating in tackle football and watching his older brother, alumni Riley Endicott ‘10, play the game motivated him to become a successful athlete.

Endicott’s diligent work ethic allows him to be successful not only in football, but also in the classroom. His perseverance to keep his grades up represent his tenacious spirit.

“I would say my passion is academics, I really strive to get those straight A’s and just do the best that I absolutely can,” Endicott said. “I felt that God was asking me to step into this leadership role and represent the school. I feel like that since this is my fourth year in leadership, He’s been preparing me for this for a while. I want to be there for the school ultimately and I want to make this the best year that it can be for everybody.”

Endicott’s mom, Jennifer Endicott, is proud of the work he puts in throughout all aspects of his life. She notices the determination he shows in everything he sets his mind to.

“I am very proud of all he has accomplished because he works very hard on his studies, athletics and leadership activities and cares deeply about his family, friends and community at Fresno Christian,” Jennifer Endicott said. “Roman has the ability to sift through the things in life that are petty and focus on the important things. Roman is also very patient and will put the needs of other people above his own. He is a wonderful son, brother and friend and I feel very blessed to be his parent.”

While not on the field, Endicott is working studiously as this year’s elected student body president. He wants to make sure that the campus remains a school for the students, both in academics and athletics.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Endicott also lead the student body as this year’s ASB president.

Leadership teacher Aubri Foster recognizes the effort Endicott exhibits in the classroom.

“Roman has the gift of administration,” Foster said. “He is able to see the path from where we are to where we need to be, and understands what it will take to get us there. He is really inclusive and desires to make sure that everyone is heard and is able to use their gifts. His love for God is evident in the words he speaks, the choices he makes and the questions he asks.”

As co-captain of the team and president of the school, Endicott displays outstanding leadership abilities. Fellow teammate Tyler Villines, ‘18, appreciates the authority Endicott shows while also being a close friend.

“Roman is my co-captain, my teammate, and also my best friend and brother,” Villines said. “He puts his own personal opinions aside to truly acknowledge the viewpoint of others. He’s extremely smart and it absolutely baffles me how he’s able to juggle being the student body president, captain of the football team, and an above average student.”

The next football game is a home game, Sep. 8. The boys will be playing against Big Valley Christian.

Come out to cheer on Endicott and the rest of the team!

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