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Senior learns from experience, grows in sports, music

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Avila has joined both the worship team and the football team since his enrollment. He plays defensive end and wide receiver on the team.

Two years ago Daniel Avila, ’18, entered Fresno Christian Schools with an exciting urge in him to start the 2015-16 school year. Two years later as a senior, Avila still has that urge in him as he participates in many activities this year. Avila looks forward to participating in varsity football and worship band.

Before arriving at FCS, Avila attendanded Clovis High and also was home-schooled. He decided to switch schools because he heard of the student interaction and the more opportunities for campus involvement.

Avila’s first interaction on campus was on ‘Shadow Day’. On Shadow Day, new students will ‘shadow’ or follow around a veteran student for the day to get an inside view of campus.

“My first interaction was on shadow day where I met the first FCS student in my class, Tyler Villines, my shadow,” Avila said. “It was super fun and exciting and that was the reason I came to FCS. One of my favorite teachers was (math teacher) Mrs. Counts. I knew Mrs. Counts from the elementary school I used to go to.”

Avila played football his first year as an Eagle, playing as a defensive end and a wide receiver. Avila looks forward to starting this year as defensive end taking on the No. 32.

“I hadn’t played in a while so I wanted to get back in and play,” Avila said. “We’ve went back to back in the past two years for championship wins. I’m looking forward to seeing if we can make it three times.”

I think he brings a real fire to the team, he’s a very hard worker, and he leads by example by showing others how to be a football player. He has definitely improved fundamentally as well as stepping into the role of really showing everybody how much work it really takes to be in the sport of football. — Roman Endicott

This is Avila’s second year playing and he is one of the three seniors on the team including Villines and Roman Endicott. He looks forward to playing with his fellow teammates this year under the bright Friday night lights.

Fellow senior Endicott mentioned what he enjoys about playing with Avila and what growth he’s noticed. Endicott has played on the football team for all four years of high school.

“I think he brings a real fire to the team, he’s a very hard worker, and he leads by example by showing others how to be a football player,” Endicott said. “He has definitely improved fundamentally as well as stepping into the role of really showing everybody how much work it really takes to be in the sport of football.”

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Avila, left, plays the bass for the campus worship team but also enjoys singing as well.

Besides involving himself in sports, Avila enjoys nurturing his music passion. Avila plays bass for the worship team.

“It’s great getting to lead people in worship and being up on the stage it’s really different from being out in the crowd,” Avila said. “It’s a different experience to help lead people. You also get to see everyone’s reactions and lead by setting an example.”

Avila joined worship team his first year and continues this year. Avila learned to play bass two years ago and continues to learn and grow. You will see him up on the stage at worship chapel every Thursday.

After high school, Avila hopes to attend Grand Canyon University in Arizona. GCU has recently visited campus and Avila got to hear representatives speak about the college.

“I’d love to go there,” Avila said. “It is a great community and they have a really good worship arts program. The price is almost what you’d be paying here.”

English teacher Kyle Dodson, who taught Avila, spoke very highly of him.

“He brings a very unique and positive energy,” Dodson said. “He is the type of individual that even when things aren’t going his way, he still finds some kind of positivity. That is something that not every student possesses.”

Besides growing in football and worship team, there is a particular character trait that Avila has grown in over the past years in high school.

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Daniel Avia, ’18, (32) prepares for a kickoff in a game against Big Valley Christian, Sept. 8.

Charlie Avila, Daniel Avila’s father, has noticed this growth in many ways. Charlie Avila has seen his son’s growth in sports and in music.

“I have seen Daniel grow in commitment,” Charlie said. “I see a real determined and focused mind that has grown and I love that about him. He focuses on whatever he puts his mind to. For example on the worship team, he gets up super early, rides his bike to practice and commits himself to it. He has grown super strong in worship team and art (performing art).”

Charlie also mentioned what he developing in Daniel as a young boy.

“From five to ten years old Daniel liked to build legos and anything that involved building things,” Charlie said. “On the computer, he would construct huge roller coasters that were super impressive. He had a mind of engineering.”

Davila recently started to attend Peoples Church. In his free time, you can find him playing worship at gatherings for PC Kids, where he hangs out with elementary students.

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