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Band teacher Leslie Bannister is taking the band students to the Monterey Jazz Festival, Sept. 15.

The Monterey Jazz Festival is one of the world’s largest jazz festivals. Band teacher Lesley Bannister will take high school band students to the festival, Sept. 15.

The Monterey Jazz Festival was founded in 1958 by James L. Lyons. He created the festival as a non-profit organization. This year the festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary. There will be 500 artists and over 130 shows over the span of three days, Sept. 15 – 17.  

Bannister wants her students to learn more about music and bond together as a team.

“This year I will be taking high school band students,” Bannister said. “This trip is an incredible opportunity for our students to get a chance to listen to the best musicians, as well as do some team building activities. I hope my students are inspired by the high caliber of musicianship that they get a chance to hear.”

Janae Shew, ‘20, has played the trumpet for six years. This is her second year on the high school band team and she is eager to hang out with her friends.

I first went to the Monterey Jazz Festival was two years ago,” Shew said. “It was really cool hearing the bands play. I’m excited about this year’s festival, to get to hang out with my band friends and hear some great music. I am looking forward to learning jazz improvisation techniques from listening to these great musicians.”

The band will also march in the upcoming Fresno Veterans Day Parade, Nov. 11. 

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