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Kimberly Bell seeks student engagement in class activities 

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Students read a recipe during a cooking lab in Kimberly Bell’s home ec. class.

Returning campus teacher, Kimberly Bell is excited to be a part of campus. Having only taught one year at FCS so far, Bell is looking forward to her second year of teaching home economics. Bell hopes to continue teaching students things that they might not be able to learn in high school.

“I am always thinking of how to improve,” Bell said. “Already this year, I have made many changes. One thing I wish I could change in my class would be a mandatory graduation requirement. There are so many wonderful things we do and learn that most students are missing out on.

“I prayed during the summer for those unknown 30 that would be in my classes this year and know that the Lord has sovereignly placed each one,” Bell continued. “For them, I am thankful for the opportunity to walk alongside and pour my knowledge, heart and soul into theirs. To God be the Glory!”

Bell chose to become a home ec. teacher after Principal Amy Deffenbacher asked Bell to consider the position. The decision was made quick as Bell because she has a passion for teaching students about sharing knowledge.

After being a stay at home mom to raise her children for 18 years, Bell is extremely excited to be in a classroom again.

“I have a passion for discipling young people and to be able to share knowledge about things that will help them in their future is just a bonus,” Bell said. “I used to be an elementary teacher then stayed home to be with my children for 18 years.  Being back in the classroom at Fresno Christian is very special for me as I get to be a part of the community alongside my two sons who are in high school here.”

Starting off the new year, Bell is expecting her students to get involved in the class. She hopes they get outside their comfort level and not make excuses. Bell knows that at the end of the day, her students will be thankful their teacher pushed them to get out of their comfort zone and they did.

“Mostly, I just expect them to have a willingness to participate and try new things even if they are uncomfortable; however, everyone is in the same boat and we are in it together,” Bell said. “I push them pretty hard to get out of their comfort zones but in the end, I know they will appreciate what they will have learned and feel connected to a group of people they may have never known before.”

Devin Pitts, ’18, a student of Bell’s, thinks home ec. is the most useful class he has ever taken throughout his high school career. Pitts believes the class helped him be self-sustaining and also learn how to be creative and open up. He now is a teacher’s aid for Bell.

“Last year’s class was a lot more lively which I miss,” Pitts said. “Mrs. Bell is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I am really thankful that I got to take the class and I hope she continues to offer it to students.” 

Teaching and building relationships with the students is the best part of class according to Bell. She is happy when she sees her students doing things they didn’t think they could do, showing them that you should try out new things no matter what.

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Bell teaches her class how to give a basic hair cut during her ‘Life Skills’ unit.

“My favorite part of this class would have to be building relationships with the students and also seeing them gain new skills,” Bell said. “Watching them successfully navigate a recipe, balance a checkbook, manage a budget, change a tire, use a sewing machine and learn new communication strategies brings such joy to me as a teacher.”

Senior Erin Wilson joined the class in anticipation of graduating high school this year. She hopes what she learns this year will help her throughout her life. 

“So far, I love home ec. because it is super fun learning about life skills and cooking,” Wilson said. “I’m looking forward to learning new things and I took the class to be with my friends and learn about life skills.”

While it is too late to join the class now, students will have the opportunity to choose home ec. as an elective next year when signing up for classes.

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